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Sounds like it might be easier to move away from Singapore.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS I know a xylophone salesman/teacher that has vanity plates. he wanted to advertise... "I sell used xylophones, Do I xylophone!" (ISUXDIX) *of course this is made up, and stolen from a show i saw once. IIRC, it's a Galifianakis bit...was on his Live at the Purple Onion performance.
Nobody. Trust but verify.
Definitely worth waiting for. this point, ol' boy deserves whatever he gets. Wow.
That, is awesome.
I wish IBM made a 104-key version of their old original AT 101-key battle axe so it could be used effectively w/ modern versions of Windows. I could easily hit 100wpm on it. Everything else I struggle to get out of the 90's, and I wear them out after about 6 months....
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Probably one of those dank, dreary towns north of Mendocino where the sun never shines and there's mold on everything. Something like Crescent City. True, true. I almost said Crescent City except for the fact that it's on the water. How about Shingletown? There's even a "Manton" up there. Can everybody get behind that?
I'd have never thought to tried most of the suggestions...I've always done just single malts on the rocks but may try one of these other ideas.
At least one phrase comes to mind, one of them sounding much like stewpit cucking funts.
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