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Check out these used AE Macneil Shoes for 280, lol I hate ebay sellers who quote the shell cordovan price.
price drop
price drop, combined both polos for a really cheap price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter um, if you've measured your chest around with a tape and it's 33 inches, no Small and even very few XS's will even fit you. I've got a 37 inch chest and most 36's are too big on me, so even when I find a rare 34s it's finally a fit. H&M has a size 34, Uniqlo's XS is fairly slim... if you're truly a 33 inch chest then you're probably better off going made to measure or going to a specialty store like the ones...
you guys need to calibrate your monitors thats a nice purple suit.
Man 33 inch chest, I thought I was skinny, 37 inch chest, 5-11 130 pounds.
Still Looking!
another price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS Ive never owned a pair of sandals, and i never will. Its a proven science, once you see a mans feet, you trust him 29% less. science. done by scientists in white lab coats. at MIT. this is true. so keep your ugly feet covered. lol source?
Unless your on the beach walking on hot sand, I hate when guys where sandals, nice button up shirt, nice jeans, nice watch, sandals wtf.
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