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$75 -> $70 Shipped CONUS USPS Priority Mail SOLD!
looking for the following in my sig let me know would really prefer grey.
yep sure is! I have a million in my bathroom vent.
No I'm pretty sure they are crepe sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube The age-appropriate woman I've been seeing for several months now emailed me a week ago and said we were no longer bf/gf. I am completely okay with that, and told her so. She has been emailing me all week these lengthy screeds apologizing and asking me to take her back. To which I have replied, "you made your decision, and I am okay with that." And she sends me another... really she should have...
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by index1489 mink oil? Anyone know why the normstrom rack shoes don't have originals written in the soles, and have clarks stamped in the bottom of them? Can anyone answer this?
burgundy/merlot AE Mcallisters with dark jeans?
wish they were 30x32, can you measure the waist mabye they will work for me.
Price drop of to 30 for the diesel jeans.
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