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Im looking at a Jcrew sports coat, on the tag it says its this item # How ever on the label is says Italian wool, how can it be linen and wool?
Walnut/Tan Color PM ME!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet lol @ vorsteiner wheels Saw this jem, just as I was editing my post, I happen to be friends with the people from Vorsteiner, they only make forged wheels in the $3-4k plus range now, If you have a problem with them I would actually be really interested in hearing about it sincerely. PM ME some pics of your ride?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Great another douche bmw driver who dresses like shit. How would you know, you never even met me or seen what I look like? I find it funny you make fun of my car because I spent too much, but my clothes because I didn't.... I guess I could make fun of you for spending to much on clothes and driving a crappy car? Who is the douche? Quote: Is he saying the cheap class and the 325 are worth 50k...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol You also have "WTB Zara/H&M Sportcoat" in your signature so why the fuck should anyone care what you have to say about quality thresholds? The problem is, you think Levi's are the "sweet spot" but they're really just "acceptable for the price," which does not make a good deal. A good deal is getting what you really want. Yeah, you can buy Levi's and nobody is going to be offended by your jeans, but they're also...
The only pairs of diesel's I own(ed) and I brought them used (on denimblog), about 2 years ago, and as you can see, I never wore them.... Sold them on ebay a week ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 The WSJ article is no different than most publications. Rather than challenging their readers with something new, they seek to affirm what the readers already believe. Seeing their own views affirmed makes the readership feel good about themselves and is inoffensive. You won't ever catch the WSJ deriding a popular $50,000 car. The man who spends a whopping $25,000 extra over the cost of an average car is to be...
anyone answer this? Wheres a good place to get heel taps?
price drop
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