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this post made my day.
This thread blew my mind, simple question 6 pages, I would rock that shirt/tie combo.
Got my strands in today, I wore them with a gray suit. 10.5D I wear a 11 in sneakers/athletic running shoes ect. They will stretch a little after you first wear them. The only defects I could fine where a two tiny stains in the tongue of the shoe (never will see) and if Im really nit picking 1 slightly crooked stitch. Anyone know a place locally that sells neutral shoe cream? Nordstroms didn't have any.
Thats a great deal, I would have jumped on them had I knew.
MEMORIAL DAY SALE !!!! May 15th - 28th 15% off all factory seconds. Featured shoes: 1 UP $199, Carlsbad $149, LaSalle $129, Nashua $119, Walnut Strand $199, Wilbert $159, and Kenilworth $149. Shoe trees 2 for $35 socks 2 for $25. Call to order ALLEN EDMONDS FACTORY SHOE BANK OUTLET 201 East Seven Hills Road Port Washington,Wisconsin, 53074 262-284-7158 Free Ground Shipping, $25 2nd Day Someone on here mentioned the Brooks Brothers version of...
Just pulled the trigger on walnut strands from the shoe bank can't beat the $199 price, I was about to pay 160ish for a used pair on eBay. Anyone have a photo of strands with the toe caps mirror shined?
In Walnut or Grenson Dylan
Buying this online, can't touch it, bought it anyway, see what I get
Yes, the actual sewn label says Jcrew New York, Italian Wool, 36RBut there is another label sewn in, white that states 100 percent linen, and list the product number which matches that link.In addition to the temporary tag which states the above.I verified this with two different sellers both are the same.Attached photos.  
On the fence with this, only if it was 2 button.
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