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Bump, they have a pen tip sized hole on the crouch area that is easily repaired by any of the denim places, price lowered. Great pair for anyone looking to try out APCs without the high entry cost.
40 Shipped anywhere in the Conti US Plus any Paypal fees Washed twice (Delicate Cycle, Cold, Laundress Detergent)
Yep25 % off = 25/100= 75Then15 % off75 times 0.15 = 11.2575 - 11.25= 63.75100 minus 63.75= 36.25 percent offBut seriously would it kill them just to do 40 percent off?
Wow sounds like a pretty good sale ~$500 for 1818 suit, I might have to pick up a Milano solid navy suit, how's the stock on these in their stores? What are the chances of them having 36-38r to try on if I visited one of there flagship stores, Bev Hills ect.
Posting non-stock Pics Tomorrow. Ships USPS Priority 1-3 Days Highly Prefer Conti US. Jacket Double Side Vents Item # 41794 $425 on Commonly known as sharkskin, this luxurious wool comes from Lanificio di Tollegno (est. 1862), one of the oldest mills in Italy and one of the last to still spin its own yarns. Our men's designer hand selected this handsome fabric, woven with threads of alternating colors, for its distinctive yet classic look. Ludlow features a...
Outstanding, if they were 9.5 they would be sold!
Purchased August 2012, worn for a few months switched to the same frame in a different color, original demo lenses reinstalled. Shipped USPS Priority Mail
First cotton suit from Jcrew came in, care label states 100 percent cotton, dry clean only and no iron... Its very wrinkled out of the box...
Anyone know if there belts ever go on sale? Im looking at that walnut belt that matches the strands.
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