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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Touché, that was brilliant indeed. Did you know that all three of these words are easily used correctly? i'll take a raincheck on your mediocre wit. Just say plus 1, and contribute with something original.
The word Recession when people use it as an excuse for being to lazy to get a job. The words brilliant, touche, indeed.
When girls say just kidding after a mistake, When guys say the word fail in a high pitch voice. When most people say simmer down. When most people say chill when ur not irritated, cause that actually does get u irritated. The overuse of the word dope. when white people say nigga to their white friends.
Kia, and Lg as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog I think as a whole, one of the major disadvantages asians have is that on average, they tend to be less attractive than the average caucasian, hispanic, black person, or whatnot. There's just something about asian features that simply isn't appealing. And I'm Korean. I may just have a biased lens, but if you were to have the 0-10 hotness scale as the x-axis on a graph and the y-axis as proportion of population,...
Since were going to put our honest oppinions out there. Heres another example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xwj0IdmmCo why the fuck is there a chinese couple speaking chinese while everyone is speaking english? Tell me.
Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 To DidYouKnow and alpha0888, I do agree spelling and grammar is not the primarily issue of the topic, but it is always helpful to proof-read your comment. Everything inevitably make spelling or typing mistake but to correct it reflects self respect. I do agree particular American and British has portrait the asian race as villains or people who lack self confidence. Although there are graduate improvements, such...
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