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I like the fit of pitman vintage in size small. How would this translate to brooks brothers black fleece ocbd in sizing?
I just got a pair of calf skin leather shoes from the corporate sale but the inside of the shoes are marked with black streaks because of fed ex delivered them in the rain and the box must have gotten wet...I shouldn't have problems returning these right?
Hmm I thought Black fleece wasn't part of the discount but I was able to get the ocbd for 136 each.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Calfskin-Wingtip/FZ00039,default,pd.html?dwvar_FZ00039_Color=BLCK&contentpos=13&cgid=1189 wtf I missed buying these during the 100 off for items over 500 sale, but now I see that BB jacked up its price to 698?! What the hell could be the reason for this? It was 550 like 2-3 weeks ago. I was hoping to cop these for this corporate sale damn...
they are pretty much new. Worn once.
Thom Browne iPad case retails for 995 usd (SOLD) Blue (SOLD) overdyed navy overdyed green moss khaki toast gray (SOLD) 85 usd each 400 usd for all the shirts.
I was browsing the thom browne merchandise on the bergdorf site and saw that his signature gray suit was listed as made in usa. Now I thought he moved all of his production to japan? I am guessing from the price that his stuff isnt made by oxxford anymore, so if anyone knows who makes his usa please inofrm.
anyone own a made in Japan thom browne suit? How does the quality compare? Also it seems like bergdorf still stocks RTW Thom Browne made in USA. I wonder if they are better quality than the made in Japan suits.
what is the best fabric for a navy blazer? Is wool flannel ok to wear all year round?
what is the best fabric for a navy blazer? Is wool flannel ok to wear all year round?
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