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Yes, not my experience with GY, who was very accommodating and gentlemanly.
I agree, nice job indeed, especially considering your body shape and size.
If GH OTR is the best fit, it would help if you wear the garment when you get measured, as well as bring pictures of the pagoda shoulder you have in mind. I've had Gordon make me a roped shoulder a few years back and it looked OK. Still wear the suit today.
Thanks Shaya!
Got my Talarico umbrella. What a seamless transaction. Very pleasant experience. I would like to know, however, if the umbrella should be accompanied by a cover with same material as the canopy? Thanks.
Pattern-matching on the jacket is front and back. Nice...
Thanks Agnelli, Ian and dave!
Hi, am interested in purchasing a Talarico umbrella. Just want to confirm if (a) VAT is deducted from a non-UK and non-EU buyer; (b) international shipping is free for an umbrella (which costs more than 50 pounds); and (c) style forum discount code applies. May I also inquire what happens if the umbrella is lost or damaged during international delivery? Thanks.
When is Gennaro's next HK visit? Thanks.
Looking forward to your posts on the Baroman experience. What fabric do you have in mind?
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