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Hi Pediwear/Mike, size 8.5F in the Heschung Catalpa is a tad long for me and has a bit of heel slippage but the width is ok. How does the Heschung Fustet compare? I'd think that the elongated last of the Fustet implies a narrower last than the Odeon of the Catalpa? Thanks.
Bought a Heschung from Pediwear during the Black Friday sale. Excellent service and fast delivery!
I received my Black Friday MTO today.
Looks like a slam dunk to me. This has a lower notch than the suit jacket. And I like the open quarters, which is not as exaggerated as the Florentine style.
.You list the Carmina Emilio 80512 as having the ”Burdeos” last. I checked the Carmina lasts in the net, and found no burdeos among them. The English translation of the Spanish “burdeos” is “Bordeaux”, so burdeos could refer to the color of the shoe. Questions: 1. What could be the last of the Emilio if Burdeos is not a last? 2. How does the Emilio last compare to the Rain and Simpson? 3. Considering my sizes under the Rain (UK 8.5) and Simpson (UK 9.0), what would be my...
Any news on the Buger last? If I'm 8.5 UK for Rain, and 9.0 UK for Simpson, what is my size for the Buger? Thanks.
Yes, not my experience with GY, who was very accommodating and gentlemanly.
I agree, nice job indeed, especially considering your body shape and size.
If GH OTR is the best fit, it would help if you wear the garment when you get measured, as well as bring pictures of the pagoda shoulder you have in mind. I've had Gordon make me a roped shoulder a few years back and it looked OK. Still wear the suit today.
Thanks Shaya!
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