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I've had 5 shirts from WW Chan. What I like best is that the thick MOP buttons are shanked. The fit is what follows from the single fitting. For example, the sleeves take into account the actual respective lengths of my arms. But is it value for money at USD 175-200 from my last purchase? Am thinking of trying AC for comparison.
Looks interesting. Is there an English translation? Thanks.
Thanks Gianni for the photos. Keep them coming.
Can't wait for January. Thanks.
Do have the usual fittings though.
I would think that leather backpacks would have the same degree of casualness as leather messenger bags.
Am curious why WW Chan transferred to Central - is it a bigger place? Thanks.
GY is the man !
Gianni, many thanks for this very informative thread. How long does it take for Mimmo to finish a suit from measurement to the final product?
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