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I haven't really been into the fashion world for a little while because I've been excessively busy and not as interested as usual. I see military trends on the catwalk, but none of what is there is attractive to me. Right now I have a penchant for a good P (or Pea) coat in navy or black (?)... Have any of you seen any that are devoid of any military insignias (which I find offensive as I am not technically in the army) that are good looking? Slim in the waist, preferably...
I don't have an available picture of me but... I realised that had this thread been attempted on the GQ forum, it would've been closed due to excessive pornographic posting... I'm glad that someone (I can't remember who) on the forum suggested this website to me, so that I could escape the eternal flame wars or pre-pubescents swathed in American Eagle. Thank you gentlemen for making this forum what it is. European Interloper
On the 'military' note: I don't find military or military-inspired clothing offensive in any way. Although sometimes people go over the top, often to secure their masculinity, generally an item of militaristic clothing is fine. This season is chock full of it, as was last winter. What I despise, however, is the appropriation of military stars, badges, stripes, or any other form of official military denotation. Being in the military, especially during times where war is a...
The best is that you can always look a hell of a lot more stylish in a suit than in a sports coat or blazer, as the suit has far more accesories and other changeable features- just think about the differences in style a skinny black tie vs. an hermes makes. EI
Style originates from the process of internalizing who you are and then making the neccesary sartorial choices.
Sean Connery climbs out of the water and pulls off his wetsuit to reveal a savile-row tuxedo. He walks quickly along the pier, stopping one to pluck a rose from a nearby bush and attach it to his lapel. As a Swede, the only time men ever wear flowers is for weddings. However, I was at a party in London recently and noticed that almost every man was wearing a flower in his lapel (most were americans). Faux-pas or tradition? EI
I'd advocate a very slim fitted pinstripe with combats and maybe some interesting shoes. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a black slim urbanweight suit with an interesting shirt, as LA Guy said (I think he should start a website..). I saw a pretty cool look in NYC: it was the combination of LA Guy's recommendation (slim pinstripe suit and combats) with some very ghetto-style black knight/pony shoes and a hoodie under the suit. It does smell of last season a little...
Occupation: Script writer and novelist. Age: 25 Haircut: Long hair held back using the fabulous 'Supremo Magic Move Light': no residue, soft hair, full hold and volume.
Unfortunately, clothing sizing and cut doesn't seem to be warding off obesity in Europe- despite fine (and slim) tailoring from the likes of Boss and Sir Paul Smith, Germany and England are quickly coming to terms with obesity on scale with that in the US... I guess this is why so many pharmaceuticals have dropped the AIDS cure R+D and started in on obesity cures. --A [very] Cynical European Interloper
I can't recommend a specific brand, but look at The Talented Mr. Ripley- Jude Law's style is impeccable if you have a slim waist. --European Interloper
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