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This is a close to new/very lightly used pair of Naked and Famous Skinny Guy raw denim in the Deep Indigo Selvedge model. I would like to trade them for a pair of sz. 28 APC Petit Standard or New Cure in comparable condition. If there are no trade offers, I'd just like to get back what I paid for them. I say very lightly to indicate that the previous owner had worn these only a handful of times, they have never been washed, and I have only worn them once before deciding...
Given up on trading, now willing to sell these for $100. PM me.
New Cure tagged size 27. Looking to trade for a size 29 Petit Standard, or sell for $100. About one week of wear. Worn stacked. Overstimated the stretch, so I need a bigger size. The only noticeable fade is a small spot on the back right pocket. Measurements: Waist: 39cm Thigh: 27cm Knee: 18cm Hem: 18cm EDIT: Finally got pictures, sorry I've been lazy. You can see the small fade on the back pocket. These are still available for trade!
Just got a used pair of New Cures with about a week of wear on them. I could button them up without much struggle. The legs are nice and snug like I like but the waistband is obscenely tight. I've worn them to class for two days and I have bruises on my hips. Are they really going to stretch out? Because sitting in class, my legs fall asleep from lack of circulation and I pretty much want to kill myself from the pain.
SOLDDDD Picked up a pair of these thinking they'd fit, and unfortunately the waist is just too small and doesn't have enough give to be comfortable. Worn for about 24 hours total in an attempt to stretch the waist out, slept in once. There are slight creases on lower leg from stacking due to the insanely long inseam. Measurements: Waist (stretched out): 15.5" Inseam: 38.6" Thigh: 10.7" Hem: 6.7" Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I only have my phone camera...
Can you post measurements please? Thanks!
Oh don't get me wrong, I'm all about the stacks. It's just that the 39" inseam on these is.. a bit much. But I'm glad now that I didn't go get them hemmed right off the bat.
I am in need of a recommendation for a particular cut. I need a waist size of 31.5-32, hopefully with minimal stretching effort, and with thighs as close as possible to 10in, 10.5 is too big. I wear a 26 in most slim diesel cuts and they seem to fit this profile, and a pair of crate sallys in 29. I'm just looking for something raw and better quality in a similar cut. Tried n&f X momotaro in 29 and the waist was too small while the thighs were too big. Also tried a...
Thanks for the insight. I really really love the material and details on these, but I'm starting to think the fit just isn't for me. Oh well, guess it's back to hunting for some new cures/petit standards.So.. for anyone looking to buy a pair of momo collabs in 29, I'll sell these for 150 shipped. Maybe 12 hours of wear on them.
I got them in the mail yesterday evening and I've pretty much been wearing them since. I was able to get the top button to close, and I slept in them, which seemed to make some difference. I'm wearing them to work today to try to stretch it more, but the waistband is still extremely tight, like cutting-off-circulation tight.Even with the waist issues, the thighs are still looser than I usually like, and the inseam far too long, but I figured I'd try something different.Is...
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