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got a pair of black D01's on sale.. i can barely close the top button but everything else fits fine.. will waist stretch at all? i've had bad experience going TTS and then waist being all saggy so i think i did right..?
i just called Montaigne. they will only tailor if bought from them & during current season. apparently this has to do with the high service demand. i assume this policy may vary per store/region.. as for the SS13 raws, yes they are beautiful. i'm a pretty big denim aficionado, with about 30 made in japan pairs and the quality (weight,hue, stitching etc) is just amazing. i actually remember the store manager (lady in her 50's) saying she hadn't seen this good quality denim...
are you sure about that? cuz i found a few posts on SuFu claiming the initial soak/wash reduces the waist/inseam a bit. i'm talking about the 100% cotton raws from the first season, not the stretch blend from all other seasons. raw DH/APC also shrunk after first soak even though the denim is sanforized.. as for the tailor, like i said it isn't that simple of an alteration because of the chain and gussets in the back... that is why SLP won't touch the waist.
yeah that's actually not a bad idea. does SLP offer tapering? i'm in Paris, so could easily take them to the Montaigne flagship..
speaking of SLP denim fit problems: anybody have luck altering the waist? i've lost weight and would need the waist taken in but SL won't do it. i think it's complicated because of the inner center chain and signature outer stitched inserts.. also i have a barely worn raw (100% cotton) D03 pair from the first collection. will washing it shrink the waist at all?
Selling a pair of SLP D03 Raw denim Made in Japan jeans. size 34. These were purchased first hand at the flagship store in Paris. They are from the first SLP collection and hence getting rare. The quality is overall nicer then following seasons. 100% cotton. great dark hue etc.. These have only been worn a handful of times around the house. No visible wear, odors or other nonsense. Never washed or altered. D03 is the straighter cut although still pretty slim by...
guys, don't forget this was a runway show.. not the entire collection. the theme was a "tribute to contemporary california surf music culture" with an obvious nod to cobain's infamous grunge style. tailored structured items would have been really odd within that concept but rest assured there will be boots, suits & skinny jeans galore when the collection hits stores. i think hedi was just having a bit of fun and letting loose (no pun intended) now that the label is doing...
yeah this is all feels very hedi to me (beanies remind me of DH FW05, white lowtops SS04).. personally i'm glad he's finally moving away from the skin tight look & heels. was starting to feel very contrived imo.. the trucker hat is definitely a big no no but it's nice to see some playfulness (remember the roller skates?) and there are some really covetable pieces here & there.. overall very wearable collection
^ agreed.
FWIW the pistols also use to wear Chesterfields: But yeah there is definitely some skinhead references too town in there (ma-1, braces, this seasons doc marten style combat boots..) Also some Warhol beatnik influence with the mock stripe tops:
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