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Honestly it seems some of you take this SLP business waaay too seriously.. to a point where it's just not cool anymore and you kinda sound like a label whore. Also dressing up head to toe in SLP demands a lot of confidence, especially if A. your body type isn't runway material B. you're not a rock star or somewhat connected to the indie music scene. Anyways I strongly suggest you check out this recent Dave 1 (from Chromeo) interview. He's got an insane SLP leather...
Montaigne is the worst imo.. they only seem to cater to Asian tourists.. an SA actually abandoned me mid-transaction to go attend a group who'd just entered the store.. I was really floored.. when I went back to him, he barked to another SA to attend me, however unfortunately she didn't seem to know anything and had to constantly ask yet another SA for info (i was just asking where the new season items were placed) the other SA just rudely pointed his finger in different...
A77 have been ripping off Hedi designs since the DH days.. here in Paris they are considered a knock-off brand for teenagers (basically the French version of Cheap Monday). I don't wanna sound too snobby but honestly the quality/fit is terrible imo.. it's really worth saving up for SLP, especially considering they're basic denim isn't that expensive and can often be found on sale at season's end..
they should call this collection Glastonbury..
^ quite a few items were sold out yesterday but there was a large online restock today. as far as color trend the dark green/olive colorway is pretty much the it color of this FW15 menswear season, so no surprise it sold out first in-store here in Paris (online demographic is a little different). anyways i'm really happy with my purchases, might go and pick up some more stuff tomorrow..
weaki agree it looked meh in product pictures but is a dope in person. nice crisp rubber type cotton & super nice details like removable liner, fishtail in the rear etc.. also only outerwear that fits TTS..
LOL.. that's a thumb-hole, the sleeve doubles as hand warmers. this is easily the coolest feature of the cardigan, one i was not expecting.i picked up a couple things, the cardigan i believe is the nicest and best value item. the outerwear indeed fits huge. not a fan of the wool blend coats or thin merino items.overall hit & miss as far as quality/fit but overall solid collab. would really advise trying in store if possible though..
Yeah I mean I also wouldn't rule out that some stuff gets tweaked just for the sake of being tweaked. creates a sense of new and also incites impulse purchasing (knowing that following season might not be the same)
I hear you but I think you're missing the point a bit. It isn't just about consistency when it comes to the full store collection but diversity. Consistency is only for the runway (and even then as SS16 shows there are quite diverse proportions going on there). SLP do offer 3 denim cuts, not just the D02's, and within those 3 cuts there are various fits going on as well.. low waist, mid waist etc.. same applies to the footwear. I realise it may make online shopping a...
^ maybe that's because the purpose isn't for your ankles to "fill" the shaft.. but to let em breathe! I personally dig the new Wyatts (and French's even more). and I'm no casual customer, or Pilati era YSL customer... Actually I'm probably one of the older Hedi followers and it may come to a shock to some but Hedi wasn't always about this uber skin tight look I see many SLP customers dying over. As SS16 shows he is switching it up a bit with proportions. I think this is...
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