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i see i'm not the only one having trouble sizing leather jackets.. but i think my body type just doesn't work - short arms, long torso, athletic build- already had to give up a mmm horsehide 5 zip & junya rider.. i think i'll just give up.. or one day get tailor made.. oh well in meantime my loss maybe someone else's gain
Quality does seem to have gone down while prices creeping up.. same thing happened at DH.. hook the customer then screw him sideways BTW, I am selling new unworn pair of the ranger boots from two seasons ago.. the made in spain ones with the much nicer quality then current..
Selling these brand new unworn SLP combat boots. Size 42,5. This is the higher quality version from two seasons ago. Beautiful thick buttery leather in a matte finish. Perfect for this winter. Comes with original box & dust bags Shipped insured with tracking from Paris, France
Selling this brand new Supreme x Schott NYC leather perfecto. Size Large. Awesome quality, timeless design. Made in USA. Unfortunately doesn't fit. Sold out on the first day, here is a unique chance to get it for under retail. Perfect for FW season. Condition 10/10 Description: Custom fit Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket with removable fur collar, quilted red & black lining and black corduroy lined pockets and trim. Made exclusively for Supreme. 599 Euros / 470 GBP...
I live in Paris where there are dry cleaners on every street corner.. most of them claiming "specialists of luxury goods".. well I've had my share of "accidents" last one being only few weeks ago with some brand new off white APC's that came back brown.. as depressing as it is, I'm not really sure there is much one can do about it (last one offered me vouchers for the amount of the item, as if i was ever giving them business again). As others have suggested, I would...
keys: cash: cards: phone in hand or jacket pocket.. nothing looks worse then bulges on skinnies imo
the waist size is huge as in 30=33 (+stretching) and the rise is short hence low waist... problem is if you size down too much you'll have problems with the lower knee section.. basically they fit one body type... but since you're in NY i suggest going in-store and trying them on..
^ huge low waist, skinny hem... honestly a bit hard to pull off unless you have somewhat of an athletic build & don't mind saggy jeans (per kanye styling ).. don't expect anything similar in fit to regular APC denim
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