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James Blake - Overgrown
The 2 people I asked to see what jeans they were wearing because I liked them ended up being the same PBJ , Im definitely buying them now. How's the sizing work chrono
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Congrats, kiya. I can't wait to see the flathead tux. Which jeans are those
Either today or tomorrow morning I will be leaving for a trip to travel around New England for a couple days. I live in the Mystic - Stonington Connecticut area. I don't know where to go really besides Boston which I have a friend I'll be visiting. They can host me for as long as I need without minding as we're all 18. I want to visit some of the truely amazing sights of NE, the colleges, history, old pilgrim type...
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast I haven't asked her yet. I will be doing that next period at school, she was away on a school trip to NYC. You forgot to copy/paste the reason for the asterisk JB For the most part this is completely true.
Average Joe is second
Anyone like the Nudie SJ's? or would look better
and 100.
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