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Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Yes. Now tell it to AF and his lackeys here. AF has lackeys? Who could be that fucking dumb?
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I know, hence gimicky in the grocery stores. I know that my eggs actually aren't kept in cages. I haz seen them. OK why. In this case I understand your feelings of superiority.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Free range eggs ha. When was the last time you forgot to feel superior, why?
Is this the right place for the shortest midget contest?
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. She needs her some breastz Why don't you offer her yours?
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. My point, RH, is that those are pre-marriage (teen) model photos. Not post marriage (I've got you now like the spider had Frodo and I don't have to give you BJs any more) look. The marriage and baby NO MORE SEX look. The- I've pushed enough stuff out my vagina, you ain't pushing anything in- look. Steve B.- When was the last time you saw your own penis? -P
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Dammit! Was I even in the running??? No. You may be dumb/funny, but Artisan Fan is dumb as a fucking rock, and Blackplatano is borderline braindead.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano FALSE. For a few months, I asked myself whether it was possible to be dumber than Artisan Fan. I had some candidates on here, but one by one, they said something intelligent, and I realized they were smarter than Artisan Fan. I said to myself, "self, one cannot be dumber than Artisan Fan." Now I realize this is FALSE. You are truly a moron of epic proportions. Congratulations to you, you are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I was looking at stills from the Foof's Today Show appearance and thinking maybe someone should Foof the Foof. Does your vagina hurt every time foof gets positive feedback, or does it hurt every time he gets a mention at all?
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