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Thanks for the recommendation. I saw his reviews on Yelp and was going to pay him a visit.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to get a peacoat altered. I have a place I go to to get my pants hemmed, but I'm not sure about his skill with coats.
I was able to get a pair through a raffle and another pair through Eastbay.
Sorry about that, here you go. http://www.size.co.uk/product/nike-huarache-nm/156940/
Most places are sold out of that colorway. There's a UK spot that still has a decent number of sizes left, but they don't deduct VAT, so the total comes out to about $158 shipped to the US.
I'm liking these, but will probably be a pain to keep clean
What size are you looking for? There were plenty of euro sites that had/have them still, just in a few sizes. I bought a pair and it came out to about $130 shipped.
I was wondering if anyone can comment on the Classic Sneaker sizing compared to CPs. I read through the thread and could only find the sizing on the Runner 1, which seems to run TTS. Thanks in advance.
Nike pulled them off the site because people were using a "backdoor" method to grab sizes before they were actually listed on the site. So even though it showed as "coming soon," people were able to add them to their carts before the sizes got put up. If you think this is bad, wait until they drop the second multicolor version slated later this year.
I didn't end up ordering the shorts because the sizing recommendations were all over the place and most places I was interested in purchasing from were no returns.
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