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You can just open up another account on the UK site and pay in pounds.
They're up on the SNKRS app if you can get a signal while on vacation.
Just curious if anyone knows of a code for Wrong Weather.
Price will depend on the size, larger sizes are a little harder to sell. FK racers are popular right now, especially slightly older colors. If their really 9/10, take really good pictures and toss them up for 200 obo. I have a feeling they'd sell pretty quickly.
For those of you on the hunt for the Plat Mercs, a few sizes just dropped. Price came out to slightly under $220 shipped for me. http://lerayonfrais.fr/fr/15500-free-flyknit-mercurial-pure-platinum-white-grey-2900100056915.html
Darkside in SF got them a couple days ago and sold out within a day. I know that some Undefeated Locations got them instore, but no phone orders. I think the expected drop date is the first part of October.
You'll probably have a hard time finding them for $400. I think I've seen a couple size 12s in both the grey and obsidian colors for right around $450. I think there's a guy on the flyknit seller FB page that has both colors up for $440/each.
Prices seem to depend on the size. There seems to be more bigger sizes for sale, and slightly cheaper. 8.5 - 9.5 is slim pickings. Obsidian and Grey are floating around for $550-$650. The blacks, forget about it, at least $900 for slightly used.
I'm selling a brand new Saint Laurent Slim-Fit Wool Peacoat. This is from the FW14 lne. The price is shipped for the US, International shipping would be an additional $55 via USPS Express International. The measurements according to Mr. Porter: Waist: 38.5" Back: 30.5 Chest: 38.5" Sleeve: 34" Shoulder: 16.5" If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Thanks for the recommendation. I saw his reviews on Yelp and was going to pay him a visit.
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