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double post.
Just purchased that shirt from Need Supply and went TTS. For reference I wear a M in Gitman Vintage, 39 in AMI and Melinda Gloss. I typically wear a wife beater or plain tee underneath, but I just tried it on without a shirt and no nipples in site.
You can just open up another account on the UK site and pay in pounds.
They're up on the SNKRS app if you can get a signal while on vacation.
Just curious if anyone knows of a code for Wrong Weather.
Price will depend on the size, larger sizes are a little harder to sell. FK racers are popular right now, especially slightly older colors. If their really 9/10, take really good pictures and toss them up for 200 obo. I have a feeling they'd sell pretty quickly.
For those of you on the hunt for the Plat Mercs, a few sizes just dropped. Price came out to slightly under $220 shipped for me.
Darkside in SF got them a couple days ago and sold out within a day. I know that some Undefeated Locations got them instore, but no phone orders. I think the expected drop date is the first part of October.
You'll probably have a hard time finding them for $400. I think I've seen a couple size 12s in both the grey and obsidian colors for right around $450. I think there's a guy on the flyknit seller FB page that has both colors up for $440/each.
Prices seem to depend on the size. There seems to be more bigger sizes for sale, and slightly cheaper. 8.5 - 9.5 is slim pickings. Obsidian and Grey are floating around for $550-$650. The blacks, forget about it, at least $900 for slightly used.
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