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Balmoral. I guess I'm looking more for casual.Half or full.
Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a pair of dark brown brogues of good quality that will hopefully last me for some time. I would like to use them both as casual and work shoes. I am willing to spend some money, but let's say no more than $600-700. What's your pick within this price range? Any favorites or suggestions?
Get a math degree, keep a good GPA and you'll be able to find a job in a company with good career opportunities right after college. Generally speaking MBAs are good for networking but they don't really teach much.
+1 on the slim-fitting stuff. We definitely don't like our clothes to look baggy or loose, whether it be shirts or pants. If you leave at the beginning of September check the temperatures in Milan before packing. September can be a bit crazy. Sometimes it's just as hot as summer, in which case you might need a few more sport shirts, t-shirt or polos, whatever you like. If you like shorts you can buy them in Milan (young people here do wear them during hot months.) In...
Biggest rip off I've ever seen. You can get so much more for that money
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerome That's not how a tailor or a good craftsman should present himself. What does he think he is some cheap Don Juan or playboy? I will, due to that very vulgar presentation by him of himself, never buy from him and I will also strongly advise my friends and relatives not to do so (/anymore). Chill man, just chill. He's just having fun wearing good colorful clothing and not taking himself too seriously. Something...
Could give me the chest measurement on the Zegna shirt? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by bluesman528 It technically fits (comments about trousers' hemming and sleeve length aside) pretty well for OTR but it's not the most flattering cut for you. Perhaps a little more structured shoulder with a slightly longer jacket and lapel combined with a lower button stance would have looked better on you. With this cut here you look a little bit pear-shaped (based from what I see on the pics at least) and that can't really be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius Bottom of collar, its the jacket length measurement. Thanks
N00b question: what does BOC stand for when talking about a blazer measurements?
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