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Excellent suits. I don't like the microscopic knot on the tie though
Nice tie! May I ask what it is?
If you use cash with same frequency in both continents the US will actually leave you with many many more coins. Europe has round prices (taxes are incorporated). Keep the 0.5, 1 and 2 euros and use them for coffee
Width on the Browne ties? Are they wool?
Just a curiosity, do you guys wear suede shoes all year round? Or just during the cold season? Are suede shoes out of place in summer or with warm weather in general?
Considering that there is only one piece of spider silk cloth in the world... probably too much for any of us here.
It was on sale on Gilt for a while but they ran out before I could snatch one. The Trafalgar website is not listing this model. Any ideas where I could find it?
Personally I had been looking for something like this from AE. I like the Kiowa the most These pictures don't tell much though. Is this collection fresh new? I can't seem to be able to find anything else on the internet.
I got it backwards Bluchers then. Any suggestions?
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