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+1 to this, I rarely (if ever) wear anything but braces these days. Nothing beats the comfort and it looks just so much better because the trousers are hanging from your shoulders, and not from your waist.
Yeah, it's just you.....
If you are talking about @tchoy's trousers I most certainly do not agree. There is already all the taper needed in those to match the top block, with waistcoat and jacket. Any narrower would just look odd to me.As for the D-word, I'm not sure I see what you see
I think all of the ties, with the possible exception of the light brown PoW, will work with the Donegal. The PoW might work but is maybe in a too similar colour, hard to say without viewing tie and swatch together.I would be weary of patterned ties with the farmer's check, the pattern is bold enough that pairing it with solids seems necessary. Same goes for the icy houndstooth.The steel blue Harris tweed should work with all as far as I can see.
Dark brown and cream definitely, I end up using various shades of mid-grey and chocolate brown most of the time. But then again I am on record thinking lighter jackets with darker trousers works just fine....
A little late to the party but I for one will cast my vote for the Donegal. In my mind it's a surprisingly versatile colour, despite being on the light side. The Farmer's check looks good as a swatch but will, again in my mind, be hard to pair up. I have a similar jacket and inevitably tend to go with similar accessories and trousers most of the time. The patterns makes it more hard to pair than the Donegal, despite the jackets being superficially similar.Also +1 on the...
A great motto to live by and something that is sorely needed on most internet fora.I get an email notification every time I get quoted (properly with the @ sign). The setting for this is somewhere in you personal page - probably called notifications or something like that.
That's why I have a tumblr - I just go back to any given day and see what I wore that day and in what combination. But the Excel-sheet is a nice touch for statistics geeks like me....
^stealth editing when it is at it's best
Another good book, which should be required reading for people here is Dana Thomas "Deluxe - how luxury lost it's lustre". Highly recommended.
New Posts  All Forums: