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That special place you take your lover to, to do things lovers do (especially if said lover is not your spouse).
Ahem.... (from"[In the UK, "Registered medical practitioners" hold the degree of Bachelor of Medicine (usually also with surgery). Though they are holders of bachelor-level degrees, history has allowed the use of the title doctor by physicians, however, it is recognised that it is in essence an honorary or courtesy title. ..... Australia and New Zealand use the titles of Mr and Doctor, in the same way as the United Kingdom."
Yup, looks pretty much right. That's what all women looks like in Sweden. Right @EFV @Anden?
This is interesting as here (in Sweden) I am used to students calling me by my first name and any other way always surprise me at first - it is inevitably foreign exchange students that do this. But then again Sweden is a very egalitarian society and there was a big language reform in the late 60s where formal addressing was deemphasised and eventually disappeared altogether. The word "ni" (the Swedish equivalent of the German "Sie") was replaced with "du" (same as in...
Like @Claghorn I'm using an old fit as I have no reason to wear tailored clothing this week (and it's too damn hot for anything but shorts and T-shirt, let alone a three-piece). But had I participated I would have gone with something like this: Edit: made pics larger
+1 to sticking out at my department (and most likely on campus as well). But one of the nice side effects of being a fully tenured professor is that I can dress pretty much as I want. And if someone comments on it I can always play the "quirky professor" card - there are certainly enough of them on campus so one more won't make a difference to anyone
@SeaJen, I have probably asked before, but forgotten you answer, what field are you in?The closest to writing a book I've come is a chapter in an edited volume - otherwise it's just journal articles that counts for me as well, unfortunately. I like books as they allow you to be a little more broad on the topic you cover and not just cram everything into 5000 words and few tables/figures.
Thanks! The tie went to @TweedyProf for a book he's written (I am an academic after all ) and a Drake's square. I am certainly happy with the trade and I hope Tweedy will be too.
Also, looks like I have found a deal for the tie. Just waiting for final confirmation, but the tie is likely gone.....
Unfortunately you also make the guy to Greg's left more visible when you enlarge the photo
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