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I agree on the problems of matching patterned ties with gun club/houndstooth jackets - solid ties are almost always the best choice there. However, if you should use a patterned tie, striped ties are (IMHO) the pattern that pairs best with that type of jacket. In this particular case, and with this particular tie and jacket, it didn't work all that well and a solid tie would likely have been the better choice.
X-posting from the FC - a one pattern fit, that supposedly are so rare here
This was taken after dinner in about 30C, so please excuse the overall rumpled look. Tie is a silk/cotton Mogador from Drake's so should well qualify as a summer tie. [[SPOILER]]
I'm thinking #1 looks great as a swatch but may be too overpowering as a jacket, so I'm going to vote for #3.But then again I own and really like this jacket which certainly is on the bold side, so YMMV of course. [[SPOILER]]
Hmm, what was it that Thomas Tusser said about these situations again?
Deadline to enter??? I am taking my wife out for dinner tomorrow evening (as I did for the last FC ) and hopefully the most sweltering heat will be gone by then (as @EFV said we have a record setting heat wave here in Scandinavia this week, we had the warmest day on record here yesterday and today). If so I might take a chance to dress up to play.
Thanks for organising this C&A, just placed my order with Patrizio.
+1 to this, I rarely (if ever) wear anything but braces these days. Nothing beats the comfort and it looks just so much better because the trousers are hanging from your shoulders, and not from your waist.
Yeah, it's just you.....
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