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I am so bummed that Drake's only do 8cm ties now. I looked at the sale and there are so many ties I would buy if only they were wider
You are shortening the sleeves, right? Then the amount if fabric shouldn't be an issue....Or are the buttonholes functional on the sleeves?
Shouldn't be much of a problem. A competent tailor will move the button and faux buttonholes if needed. The only thing to keep in mind is that with such a drastic shortening you might also need to slim the sleeves a little bit, otherwise the opening might be too wide. Not a complicated thing to do though.....
I am in for #3
One should perhaps keep in mind when reading the good taste thread that it promotes a very specific aesthetic (which I happen to like and prefer) but that there are other ways of doing things as well. The diversity seen in the 20 thumb thread is a testament to that.
I can only second that - the good taste thread (especially the early parts) is a gold mine. Even has som really useful contributions on how to pick a PS to complement tie and jacket.
Having also imported a fair bit of French culture during the late 18th and early 18th century (including out current Royal family) it is perhaps not surprising that the Swedish word for wig is "peruk" which can clearly be traced back to the French word (after removing a number of redundant letters that the French love to inset at seemingly random places in their words).Love how you can learn all kinds of things on SF
So do I They will most likely be featured here when I get them (and the weather turns colder again)
As it happens I just ordered two pair of flannel trousers from Luxire today, both with a fuller cut than what I normally wear
I would love to get my hands on a pair like these that the Duke of Edinburgh wore in the 50's, I think they look awesome (especially on taller persons, which if course I happen to be):(I wish I could pull off wearing a hat like that as well )
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