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I think suede shoes with business suits is an Italian thing (or at least a Continental European thing), definitely not British so it may explain Holdfast's dislike for the look. I've come to appreciate the look more and more, but it certainly took me awhile getting used to it.As for not wearing suede in the summer, I've never really understood that. Suede loafers seems to me to be the perfect casual summer shoe.
It's a pretty flimsy tie, so that definitely affects the size of the knot. Given the quintessential English hacking jacket I am wearing, think of it as an homage to Prince Charles, the master of small, tight tie knots
Hmm let's see if I can summarise the weekend, mcobinad still posting too tight fits, SB is still harping on AAS's bit loafers, people are still bugging southerstyle about his short trousers.... To quote a very eloquent man: It's like deja vu all over again.....Here's my humble contribution to the daily deja vu that is WAYWRN....... [[SPOILER]]
+1, those two received my votes as well
Got an email from Shaya yesterday saying the hangers would ship directly from the US within a day or so. I haven't gotten firm confirmation that they have shipped yet, but it seems they will be on their way soon.
Foo =
On that point that we both agree.....
Which of course is nonsense - I have ever only heard that statement from Foo and there are an almost infinite number of counterexamples suggesting that it works just fine. It may not be the most creative solution, but saying that it doesn't work is just BS
Vintage bespoke (ie. not bespoke for me) - from Caraceni Roma
I like this fit, with the exception of the PS which I think should be darker to complement the tie better. As opposed to Stitchy, i don't min pairing the tie and SC, the tie is som much darker that it doesn't matter that they both have busy patterns.Looking good!That jacket is , just wish there would have been a tie in the fit as well.....Not bad, and I kind of like the blue on blue on blue. Shirt is not to denim-y to me...This is just awesome, Roycru is one of my...
New Posts  All Forums: