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Another good book, which should be required reading for people here is Dana Thomas "Deluxe - how luxury lost it's lustre". Highly recommended.
If you want some insights into how a lot of the things that carry the "Made in Italy" tag are produced and how companies are cutting corners to apply that tag, read Roberto Saviano's book "Gomorrah". It gives a pretty good description of the conditions under which even really high-end clothing items are produced. A real eye-opener and a very good description of the enormous influence the Camorra has on just about everything in and around Naples.
So was I
+1, kind of what I said - 1 minute ago
Don't know where they are made, but they look good on you and that's really what matters.From what I've read here you are down to one suit (THE Formosa). You'll wear that one in to the ground if you don't have a few suits to alternate between. Two SS suits will take you a long way while you SLOWLY build your new wardrobe. Rome wasn't built in in one day, you know.
Well, for $1000 more you would get TWO SS suits.
just odd....
Thanks for the comments, I agree that I am probably the one person that notice this (and care about it). I will have to live with not being able to buy ties directly from Drake's. Luckily places like Exquisite Trimmings still sell 9cm Drake's ties so I can still get them there
+1, purple windowpane is like the antithesis of a versatile jacket......
I've only tried Drake's 8cm ties on once, in their Clifford St. store, but I have a few other ties that are closer to 8cm and I find all if them to be too narrow for me. I do have pics to illustrate this, but I am on my phone now and can't access my computer until tomorrow. Sorry!Edit: seems like I could find some pics even on my phone. Perhaps not the best comparison, but should at least illustrate the problem.Compare:with:First tie is 8cm, second is closer to 9.5cm. I...
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