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Don't tell me you use the keeper on your ties?
Been travelling a lot lately, so have had few opportunities to lurk these pages, let alone post any photos. I am finally back again and I am now trying to get through the last few days before a long, well-deserved vacation. Not entirely happy with today's low contrast between trousers and SC, but I didn't feel like running back up to switch trousers after I realised it. [[SPOILER]]
Been busy, busy recently and have not had much time to post and have only occasionally lurked. But I managed to snap some pics today, first day with linen trousers. SC is wool/linen blend but unfortunately fully lined. Thinking about having it altered to be half- or quarter-lined [[SPOILER]]
While we certainly get rain here in Sweden it nowhere near as much as you get in BC, Norway is probably more similar. But I lived two years in Vancouver in the late 90s so I certainly know what to expect....
Nice look and great use of an orange tie. Keeping my fingers crossed that the nice weather stays and that it doesn't rain buckets when I visit next week.
Nice shoes, details? The rounder toe on that last suits you much better than the more square last your usual GGs have. IMHO if course....
Very, very nice @tchoy.
If you had seen the reports I just had been grading, you would understand my facial expression.......
Nice, Stitchy, I really like the minimalistic approach to colours that seems to be "the thing" in SW&D. But why the sad face, is that a required look when wearing SW&D?
Howdy folks: [[SPOILER]]
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