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...and you posted it in the WAYWRN thread Happy birthday Stichy!!!
Clearly a unique style, but way, way to busy for my taste......I can only second @EliodA comment and suggest warmer colours. That fit would have looked much better with the brown grenadine you are thinking about....What fabric is the suit - wool or linen? Regardless, that DB waistcoat seems a little incongruent, something I would expect to see with morning dress but not a lounge suit...This looks really good! If I were to nitpick, the sleeves look a tad bit long but that...
The sales associate I talked to in the Clifford St. store said that they would only produce 8cm for the foreseeable future, but in practice that means only this F/W collection and next year's S/S collection. After that, there were no real plans as of yet, so hopefully they come around to producing wider ties again. Drake's have a MTO program, so in principle you could order any tie they have in their collections in what ever width and length you want at a slight markup...
Drake's - sadly one of the last ones they made in 9cm width.
Pulling a @Claghorn and wearing navy two days in a row.....(have my shoes on though....) [[SPOILER]]
Depends on what you are wearing: with a navy suit - yes, with tweed - no.
This is a great page that summarise everything related to pocket squares.Sorry Mimo, I'm with Stichy on this one. No square is better than the wrong square....
Much better, I think. And burgundy with navy is a classic combination [[SPOILER]]
I agree on the tie, it was probably not the best choice given the suit. However, I am a strong advocate of the idea that PS should not necessarily match or even pick up colours present in tie or suit. Rather I think of the PS as an opportunity to "fill in" the look with something that increase the contrast of the fit. In this case both suit and tie is dark, so something light is clearly needed. White or cream would have been the obvious choice, but I think this PS work as...
I've been away for a few days and I apparently missed the big mess that was the WAYWRN over the weekend. Lucky me [[SPOILER]]
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