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This has actually been my main motivation for cropping out my face - I simply look stupid on most of the pics I take and not having to worry about facial expressions make taking pics so much easier. However, I've been on SF long enough now that it almost feels weird not showing full pics, so I'll keep doing that - as long as they turn out OK, that is
+1 on that.
Nothing more than having to endure ridicule in the lunch room over taking selfies and posting them on the internet like a teenage girl....Edit: but in reality, any one with even a tiny bit of Google-fu could figure out my identity, even without mug shorts.....
I figured it was about time to come clean among the friends of SF
Thanks for all the thumbs yesterday. Another relatively low-key fit today.... [[SPOILER]]
I knew it! You can hand over your SF credentials at the door when you leave, please. We wish you luck with any future endeavours you may undertake......
You ask that as if there were other knots to chose from
I agree. I forgot to take a photo of the shoes, but I am wearing plain black cap-toe oxfords......
X-posting from the FC thread.....
OK here we go, a day early.. Yet another blue suit
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