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Wensum also provide MTM programs for quite a few Savile Row tailoring forms as well, both under the Bladen name (Benson & Clegg I know use them for their MTM program) as well as under the name of the original tailoring firms (who are of course much less reluctant to state that officially). AFAIK they only do half-canvass MTM or at least they did the last time I inquired about it but might have separate deals with specific forms.
Looks like pretty classic half-break on those trousers. It's a matter of preference as to what kind of break you prefer on your trousers. I am fairly tall so I tend to prefer a little break on my trousers, so as to not be confused with Steve Urkel.
This is for @An Acute Style. The carpet in my hotel room in Edinburgh where I am staying tonight.....
So you mean that you don't let StyleForum dictate what you are wearing??
I had just finished grading the essays my students wrote on my last course. It is quite possible the expression stemmed from that exercise...FTFY
After Butler smiled in his pic up-thread, we needed something to restore order and bring harmony to the universe.....
Now you know why I used to crop out my face
Friggin' cold this morning, hopefully one of the last days this "spring" that calls for a three-piece suit.... [[SPOILER]]
..and so does pretty much the rest of the civilised world.
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