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Donnish - ha, ha, I've just learned a new word. I will definitely use that more often
You either like roped shoulder or you don't, but since the suit is a vintage Cifonelli, the shoulders are the whole (or at least a big part of) the selling point. At least they are part of what Cifonelli is famous for.....I like the roped shoulders as I am not very" strong shoulderd" to being with and it kind of helps adding some bulk to my otherwise rather slender frame .........
A rare (for me), new (to me) DB suit: [[SPOILER]]
LL = London Lounge, another internet forum mainly aimed at bespoke tailoring. They have a cloth club that special-orders cloth with designs that are commonly not available.
Just a reminder to vote in the poll, it will close at midnight tonight.... We need to break the current three-way tie (preferably in favour of Butler and/or Cotton Dockers )
So much for trying to be extra careful when setting up the poll - it obviously didn't help, I screwed up anyway. At least people noticed pretty early on.....
I had to re-set the poll for the FC as I had f**ked up and missed upr and butler . Now, all head over and re-cast you votes.........
Oh f**k it!!! I've reset the poll, and added Butler and upr_crust - sorry for the omissions. You all have to revote again, guys!!!
Yup, Butler posted while I was editing and putting up the poll. Does anyone know if it is possible to add poll entries without deleting and resetting the poll. I can't seem to find a way to do so.
Friday challenge poll is up, head over and vote. Poll closes on midnight Monday..... http://www.styleforum.net/t/377391/friday-challenge-jan-24-2014-northern-lights/
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