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I don't think it's too bad, maybe on the cute side but colourwise it kind of works with the tie. Complementary colours is a good place to start, so something with red in it would probably work (you PS have pink so it's close)Pairing tie and PS is an art, not a science despite what some people say. At least I haven't found a fool proof theory yet. When in doubt go with a plain white (or, gasp!), without one.
I want your job!
Worked by clearing the Safari cache on my iPhone. The MacBook just magically started working this afternoon, but I cleared the Safari cache there too, just to be on the safe side...
Well score two for things that make the world a better place to live in......
There's not so many photos, but lots of hilarious quotes taken from StyFo
You find them on Twitter these days.....
Well that's why the photo only made it as spoilered
@dieworkwear, I've got that exact windowpane dressing gown (from Merchant Fox, right?) and I can vouch for it being a beautiful cloth. When I got it, I put some photos of it here:http://mostlyharmless.se/post/43642464644/the-merchant-fox-opened-in-2011-as-an-an-online
I agree on the problems of matching patterned ties with gun club/houndstooth jackets - solid ties are almost always the best choice there. However, if you should use a patterned tie, striped ties are (IMHO) the pattern that pairs best with that type of jacket. In this particular case, and with this particular tie and jacket, it didn't work all that well and a solid tie would likely have been the better choice.
X-posting from the FC - a one pattern fit, that supposedly are so rare here
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