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What's a bad hound??Didn't we spend like half a page discussing this just yesterday?
The credit goes unreservedly to Crayola
Lighter jacket with darker trousers seems to be one of those great divides on SF - either you do it or you don't. I am known as one who does and usually don't even thing twice about it - heck I even hosted a Friday Challenge on light jackets and dark trousers. As for the specific combination of mid-grey and charcoal here's a fit I am quite happy with:I have done a number of iterations on that theme and I actually have two different mid-grey herringbone jackets - one tweed...
More CM casual than SW&D IMHONah, that's not what I mean...
Look charcoal trousers with a mid-grey jacket! Anyway, this looks great! Personally I'm not a fan of loafers and would have prefered shoes with laces (or perhaps Chelsea boots?), but that's just me....
Yup that's pretty much how kids address their teachers here. Good or bad, I don't know. It's just the way everyone is used to.
Pretty much all the other Scandinavian countries (but Sweden more so than the others) have a long tradition of strong labour unions and a Social Democratic Party that up until the last eight years had been in government pretty much continuously since the 1930s. So the road to egalitarianism has been on the political agenda for the better part of a century. I would never use a title in daily life (not even the Swedish equivalents of Mr and Ms./Mrs are used much at all these...
That special place you take your lover to, to do things lovers do (especially if said lover is not your spouse).
Ahem.... (from http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_(title))"[In the UK, "Registered medical practitioners" hold the degree of Bachelor of Medicine (usually also with surgery). Though they are holders of bachelor-level degrees, history has allowed the use of the title doctor by physicians, however, it is recognised that it is in essence an honorary or courtesy title. ..... Australia and New Zealand use the titles of Mr and Doctor, in the same way as the United Kingdom."
Yup, looks pretty much right. That's what all women looks like in Sweden. Right @EFV @Anden?
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