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Looks like pretty classic half-break on those trousers. It's a matter of preference as to what kind of break you prefer on your trousers. I am fairly tall so I tend to prefer a little break on my trousers, so as to not be confused with Steve Urkel.
This is for @An Acute Style. The carpet in my hotel room in Edinburgh where I am staying tonight.....
So you mean that you don't let StyleForum dictate what you are wearing??
I had just finished grading the essays my students wrote on my last course. It is quite possible the expression stemmed from that exercise...FTFY
After Butler smiled in his pic up-thread, we needed something to restore order and bring harmony to the universe.....
Now you know why I used to crop out my face
Friggin' cold this morning, hopefully one of the last days this "spring" that calls for a three-piece suit.... [[SPOILER]]
..and so does pretty much the rest of the civilised world.
technically this is a houndstooth-patterned shirt, that it resolves to solid from anything more than 15cm is completely beside the point
X-posting from the FC thread. I took the simple route here, but then again I do that most of the time
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