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Lazy Friday, snuck out after finishing my and quietly took the afternoon off.... This jacket is really a glorified cardigan with lapels, completely unstructured and comfy as hell....
Same basic principle as yesterday, but with less bold trousers but much shinier buttons........ ...and oh, it's an unvented blazer
As basic as it gets - and I mean that only in the best possible way
Lol, me thinks @Anden and I are twins today. Just different patterns on the trousers
Well, as a scientist I would like to believe that some truths transcends politics, but then maybe I'm just naïve......
Wouldn't one black and one brown shoe look really odd?
In guessing that picture is taken right out of the new Kansas high school books on science and history, right?
What are "Team Murica" thus far in these competitions... 0-2 or is it 0-3?????
Damn, seeing @Anden's photo I just remembered what I should have used for my Friday challenge - Scandinavia vs. rest of the world. Oh well, we can kick the rest of the world's butt some another time I guess.........
Very nice
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