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XL moab bomber is beautiful and i quite looooooove the silk blend grey mercer tank. idk if i will be keeping the bomber though. i should just tuck away until spring hits so I'm not tempted to sell.
@leclutchjames bless me with that extra R&D vol.1 poor favor
you're making points no one is challenging
man i wish the blue teddy was available in an XL during the BF sale. my boy caught that S and it looks beautiful. i hate being team pobre and gordo
lol JE lurking. Just got my shipped email.I will be rocking grey hooded villain and moon rock yeezys w them
ok cool. i don't mind the wait just as long as I'm good to go lol. moab bomber and grey silk mercer tank i slacked on the rebel hoodie and the duo lima pants. they're still in my cart lol edit: nevermind lol gone
damb man my order still says unfulfilled. @JohnElliottCo am i screwed?
waiting for my order to get pass the unfulfilled status. low-key want to cop some more stuff. hopefully one last surprise for cyber monday
i do
some price drops in sale section
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