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whos the best person to ask to legit check some geobaskets????
is 600 a good pricepoint for used geobaskets? s/s14 milk/bone to be exact? also may we post legit checks in here? thanks in advance guys
dammit i didnt know it was a referral link. i signed up. will make sure not to cop from that
still want the all black first collection hi top joints slept when ssense had em for like 300
since we are kind of on the topic, does anyone have any recs for a good pear of sport headphones for cheap? my little cuzzo bought me those beatsbydre powerbeats last christmas and the left ear is already crapping out. while it's not too noticeable, I get paranoid because i feel like the discrepancy in sound can subconsciously affect me when i'm working out. thanks guys!
lmao. basically
man i rocked my MMM painted gats to see Steve Aoki at revel's hq beach club this summer.forget a drink, it was cake, drinks, sweat, etc.but, i'm ocd when it comes to white garments.
what makes it worse is that i want working this evening. it was the owner, and our two friends out to dinner. we then hit a strip club whilst making it rain, he received a phone call from his son, the manager that a patron was refusing to pay a tab and also threatened to kill the owner's son. we drive back to the bar and the owner chokes up the guy and they proceed to scuffle. after all said and done i had to pull them apart along with like three other people. the...
so pissed. i had to break up a fight at my bar tonight. blood all over my white mercer tee. smh JE+co can yall hook it up? not srs kinda srs
sweet. just ordered a black villain hood and black mercer t. slowly building my JE arsenal.
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