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At this point I'm looking to stock up on tees before I do more villains. I'm currently at black and grey villain hoods and crews. Next move is olive u neck, sand/oatmeal silk, and possibly grey extended. My black mercer is perfect!
Smh I see some of yall in the NT RF thread. Stop dropping that pseudo knowledge bout the hx of side zip hoodies
Sounds about right for you. I've got a worn once grey villain I copped in a XXL bc I oversestimated how much weight I lost. XL for me is fine. I rocked the XXL Once. I can hook u up for Black Friday prices of you're interested
Didn't they restock?
The threads I've searches are a bit outdated And I'd like some refreshing opinions Suggestions on the perfect black Jean? Besides fit, I need one that stays black. So far most have suggested acne stay cash? And NF skinny black power stretch. Thanks mates!
whos the best person to ask to legit check some geobaskets????
is 600 a good pricepoint for used geobaskets? s/s14 milk/bone to be exact? also may we post legit checks in here? thanks in advance guys
dammit i didnt know it was a referral link. i signed up. will make sure not to cop from that
still want the all black first collection hi top joints slept when ssense had em for like 300
since we are kind of on the topic, does anyone have any recs for a good pear of sport headphones for cheap? my little cuzzo bought me those beatsbydre powerbeats last christmas and the left ear is already crapping out. while it's not too noticeable, I get paranoid because i feel like the discrepancy in sound can subconsciously affect me when i'm working out. thanks guys!
New Posts  All Forums: