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i love the boots right off the bat. will take to cobbler to fit the toe taps and such. i'm more of an athletic build- think full back or mma fighter (lol as i'm told every time i go out) here are mine w some denim:
oh man hope to get shipping soon. im excited!!1 edit: decided to check my junk folder and boom. should be on feet this monday11
cant wait for these tans to come in
idk $100?
i have a worn once XXL grey villain crew if ur interested
JE getting turnt up in japan. i believe that's via aaron fieg's snapchat
i just want a grey or camel suede chelsea por favor
yall really in here crying bout hypebeast and hypebeast that. and i see u NTers complaining bout NTers. stop it. it's clothes. yall worse then groupies claiming yall heard emo before emo was cool.
smh got sniped for those milk geobaskets in a 41
hey fellas! can anyone help me find a double rider vest? i slept on a schott that was on pretty deep discount on rule of next. looking for an xl; aiming to place over a denim jacket thank u!
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