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waiting for my order to get pass the unfulfilled status. low-key want to cop some more stuff. hopefully one last surprise for cyber monday
i do
some price drops in sale section
too many people claiming too many things. if you're not @JohnElliottCo then y'all just some chatty patties
didn't a bunch of people already get order shipped updates on the revolve jig? i'm just here to support JE via their site but they wily w da quick XL sellouts
lmao the prediction fails are hilarious
so many silk tees missed due to size but i was able to score moab bomber and silk grey tank contemplating silk white classic in XXL for a looser fit
bit of a weird question. i am in search of a 60/40 t shirt like JE made w the gap collection. is their a similar style in the mainline collection or other brand alternatives? the t shirt is growing to be my favorite. thanks guys!
these dudes prob wanted to hear "sorry bout that man. please keep those boots. we will send new ones. our bad"
New Posts  All Forums: