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i saw u post your fit in the kanye forum i believe. great styling. i'd say u are more on the lean side rather than muscular. either way i love ur aesthetic.
what is this whole remastering thing nike is going to do with the 3s?
thanks for the code!!!! ive got hooded villains but i finally purchased my first villain crew. had to go w the classic grey!!!!
sorry about me posting the hm leather in here. ive been suscribed to this thread for a while and i guess i've never really double checked the caption of the thread title. went out of my way and just ordered the schott x supreme. the removable shearling collar was the selling point as i prefer a more rugged look to leather silhouettes. one day i'll be able to go beyond my plebeian ways and cop the high end jawnz
lol def not the best i've seen. i was being facetious just felt like posting in here. but since we are here: thoughts on schott perfecto for supreme that dropped yesterday?
http://www.hm.com/us/product/24732?article=24732-A i am prepared to be flamed
just bought this from TBS. cant beat 67 shipped. i cant wait for fall weather!!!
can't wait! Tell NT that robin thicke got banned again
im thinking of picking up a surface2air jacket from this sale. delta jacket looks dope
any insight in terms of whats dropping for the gq collab? congrast buy the way!!!!!
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