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apparently very real http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/band-of-outsiders-giant-zip-hoodie/3943215
@nsltrls, samepants? samepants.
Frank Leder duffle coat size Medium
nepenthes had it in 30 last i asked
one of the older robes [[SPOILER]]That was my fear. Wasn't going to cuff originally but the hem was stacking in a weird way with these shoes. Cheers.
fw12 homespun bedford fw12 flannel robe ss14 ocbd fw13 reversible pants nbs
[[SPOILER]] That's the FW14 B Tanker jacket
x-post from eg thread
had nice weather recently (read: 50F & not raining), had this jacket out one more time before it will probably lie dormant for 6 months. liked this one a bit more than the previous i'd posted with it.
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