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older homespun bedford (fw11?) fw12 polka dot bathrobe fw13 reversible pants danner ML2s
mmm's new take on diy sneakers
going to get drunk and go to a free show at an art museum with a friend
pants are way unfaded in this ss09 suit, guess i'll have to wear them a bit more to even them out
17” s2s | 20” p2p | 24” sleeve length | 26.5” back length Jacket from SS12. Great, unique piece from Daiki and crew. Cotton fabric with faux-suede patches.
penanceroyaltea: great fit
Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely try to tone down the ridiculous prints/pockets/whatever in my next outfits because in a less inebriated state it really does look like Too Much.
engineered garments matt pants or something like that
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