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I have removable buttons and I haven't removed them in years, I wouldn't worry about it.
@dixonmanor that fucking rules dude for anyone squinting, open up the picture because it's really worth looking at
ugh double post. post more in this thread guys i only kind of like it when my narcissism shows [[SPOILER]] FW12 BedfordSS13 C-1 VestSS13 USN Pant (thanks Gary!)Needles x Trickers Shoes
c4est unfortunately i did not wear something like that recently but nice work that is a great outfit, picture, etc.i did wear this stuff [[SPOILER]]
FW12 railroader Workaday Striped 19thct ocbd hard to see but floral ss09 baker fw12ish natural denim jeans vans
Fit on those jeans is great mok This outfit with your hair and facial hair make you look like a perfect fill in as Al Borland on Tool Time.
Looks like an older chesterfield, there was some season where they used the zipper on the wrist as a motif on a lot of pieces I just can't remember which season that was.
There's nothing that appeals to me more than a shitty quartz movement with a face that most people can tell the time on but will be slightly confused than when the 3 is backwards and makes an obnoxiously loud ticking sound as every timex does
wwm pen jacket tab collar shirt (ss13) natural denim jeans (ss13)
eg everything except shirt and shoesshirt is gitmanshoes are aldenthe vest is called the C-1, I think they did one this season as well with a little different pocket configuration!
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