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Would pass on this one in particular.From the small bits I can remember you wearing this seems pretty overly aggressive in cut (with the extremely large shoulders) for the rest. Not sure what you'd be better in, though.
Dirty Denim is on pointTrying not to wear it in the *i'm a 1870s miner* way, but the pants are basically a levi's 1870s repro except in a black canvasI feel like it'd be a disservice to the pants to hem them, and i'm really short. As such, one way or another I had to cuff and I figured I'd go for a big one
It's the S&C cashmere. Not much you can ask for from a beanie, but it does the job damn well
thanks to nmwa for the new hat!
needs more pockets if you ask me @bigbee if only someone would send you some cargoes that wouldn't be coherent with that at all@mbaum great fit, and exceptional hair. I'm pretty envious of it!As for myself -- recently got to take a trip to NYC and DC to stop in at a few shops and hang out with some good people. Decided to buy a pair of the mismatch pebble grain trickers Got the print stuff that nepenthes puts out -- really enjoy the fact that the needles lookbook reads...
similar to the question earlier -- how itchy would you say this is? Too much for a plain old tee as an undershirt?
Is federal worth a stop? I'm swinging through town next saturday through monday night and always looking for new shops. (Meaning, how interesting have their buys been in the past?)
Snow was falling this morning
The (very few) workaday shirts I've had or tried have always seemed to be larger than the latest (ss13 -> now) mainline shirts. That said, I've had the one in this pic and the sleeves and length have shrunk to be about the same as my 19th ct button downs from the last 3-4 seasons. I beat my shirts up in the wash though with hot water and a machine dry. Boring workdays at a desk have meant that I need to get outside and walk, even as the snow starts to fall. At least I...
A bit more of a tan than an olive, you can trust the camera on this one as it's pretty balanced lighting and white balanced (relatively) properIn warmer light, it ends up looking more than. Cooler ends up with more of an olive tone.Thanks for the feedback guys
New Posts  All Forums: