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what in the world happened in this thread this morning?
Have this baker I got in an exchange with @CSCoHammers7 that i've shrunken out of. It fucking rules and you should want it (size small). Looking for trades, but will entertain any offers Wool herringbone, unlined, size small
It is! Definitely don't hesitate if you see one pop up on y!jp or wherever, seems like it would suit you very well
fuckin hell @mementomori that's fun, same to @wansui. Strong posts from some newcomers, keep them coming!Excellent stuff from some more regular posters as well [[SPOILER]]
Don't think of them as trackpant stripe, think of them as tuxedo stripe! That said, they look great and FW16s felt a lot like the USN pants in terms of cut from the pair I have which is still my favorite EG pant cut
All the Leder stuff I've gotten my hands on has been great. It fits well with the EG world, cut a little more conventionally and dramatic versus the playful cuts and twists on garments that EG does.That said, the fabrics are all unreal and if there's a piece you are thinking of I wouldn't hesitate
Always great to see this thread active, especially with such great content fw11 cruiser leder bedcloth shirt fw16 doublecloth fatigues danner mountain lights
any eta of when you guys might start getting your buy in (and a list of what your buy is?) @CSCoHammers7 @Drinkwaters eager to see what you're getting
It's up in a few japanese shopsCordura and leatherReminds me bigtime of epperson mountaineering stuff (good ol' 70s style hiker bags), maybe a bit more llbean bag inspired though... [[SPOILER]]
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