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Yes I agree that FW16 has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see some of the pieces in person! My biggest regret was not buying the faux-fur duffle when I was in NYC earlier this year. It really was an incredible piece and fit right in with the playful aspect of the brand I enjoy. Unfortunately, it would have been a huge pain in the ass to carry as it was pretty warm and I had no space to carry anything Anyone been able to stop down at nepenthes to check out the...
I hope you can find what you're looking for in future garments Mortenmouton!
You should get on the Khaki Iridescent Andover stuff and whatever matching pants they have (assuming it's similar to a few seasons ago) which would seem to fit pretty nicely in the alley of your T E F stuff. That said, I haven't seen the fabric from this season, just something to keep an eye out for
A homespun bedford in spring/summer? A bit odd, though I guess it's been one of the most "desired" pieces since FW12/FW14/FW15 all featured it pretty heavily. Since you've done a buy of it, was it any lighter than previous seasons in the showroom @drinkwaters?
@ericleavitt Your next purchase should definitely be a chair or couch from the EG x Pacific Furniture Service collaboration So much more versatility than a simple coat of which you have plenty, and shirts can be filled by the likes of cheaper brands On the real though, asking "what you should get next" is kind of pointless. A paint-by-numbers approach to the brand seems pretty counter to a lot of the playfulness of the brand and the large variety of garments you can...
Not quite the same alley as the CCP vest... 22/4 Hommes Faux Fur Armbag
Would pass on this one in particular.From the small bits I can remember you wearing this seems pretty overly aggressive in cut (with the extremely large shoulders) for the rest. Not sure what you'd be better in, though.
Dirty Denim is on pointTrying not to wear it in the *i'm a 1870s miner* way, but the pants are basically a levi's 1870s repro except in a black canvasI feel like it'd be a disservice to the pants to hem them, and i'm really short. As such, one way or another I had to cuff and I figured I'd go for a big one
It's the S&C cashmere. Not much you can ask for from a beanie, but it does the job damn well
thanks to nmwa for the new hat!
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