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following the measurement guide I measured to be a 31/31 which has been very accurate. Seriously, just measure and follow that measurement
I didn't know what all to expect in these jeans before purchasing. I have to say, in my first impression with them I'm happy with them! They're a very surprising weight -- not light, not heavy, not particularly stiff. The cut is also better for me than I'd have hoped. Nice job on these, @Mauro and crew. here's a shitty mirror picture as i enter this contest as a 'weekend warrior'.
without rain jacket
how have you been here for 9 years, posted 4000+ times, and still say things like that
Try a ton of things. A lot of what you wear won't feel right at first. Branch out past 'just' eg and try some of the other Nepenthes brands, Nigel Cabourn, Margret howell, STORY MFG, and any of the run of the mill denim shops in the USA (see: imogene & willie) which put out a lot of basic stuff but occasional gold.Your height isn't much of a limitation. I'm 5'5" and vary between pudgy and average. I believe @agvs is also around 5'6", so not too much taller and pulls the...
wwm nylon jacket muji shirt eg ss09 cambridge pants esseutesse shoes
wwm nylon jacket eg ss09 cambridge pants
Happened to be out in the 3 hours that it was snowing in March, thus the miserable expression.
cold, but sunny and still day
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