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no clue what the first one is, other than it's newer than 2009 and looks radsecond is a norfolk jacket from either ss06 or ss07nice stuff!
The first looks fantastic on you, pass on the second
notre fwrdfwrd
xpost from the eg thread thanks for the jacket @Ken P!
i normally think people style the long shirts pretty poorly and I normally don't care for chucks with EG, but both are great here. Killer stuff Myselfeg fw12 railroader in natural denim (thanks kenp!)eg fw12 twill cotton bedfordeg ss13 white oxford 19th century button downjunya pantsmade with rest shoes
I've got a few things up for trade/sale Taking offers on any eg/nepenthes family/junya/interesting at all in size small (shirts/jackets), 30 (pants), or 7.5 (shoes) El Resero x Nepenthes Boots ~size 8.5? No tagged size, but I'm estimating based on how it fits me with an insole Needles Suede Buckle Chukkas in size 7 -- tts SS11 Chambray Shirt size Small SS14 Psychedelic Tuxedo Jacket size Small FW12 Denim Shawl Collar Shirt-Jacket in size Small
Mountain Research Fishing Apron
There is some iteration of the herringbone every season. I'd go with the tweed just for the fact that you might not see it again (and is pretty awesome, visually)
It's a cool piece! Nepenthes NY carried it, and the suede makeup is unreal if anyone else is interested, they're usually up on yahoo!jp for around 80,000JPY and while there aren't any up now, they've been available with some regularity
@nicelynice what kind of fabric is that jacket? nice look. here's me today, look probably poached entirely from nepenthes
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