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The universal works pants i have are all very tapered compared to my Mallory pants. The wools are typically a bit rougher and the cabourn wools feel a bit more rugged as well.If you like the cut of the UW pants though, they're great pants. I don't know if I'd call them a replacement for the Mallory pants, however.
but who do Vans support? Please let me be able to keep some of my shoes
Someone telegraph, smoke signal, or call Nepenthes NY and order the fw13 brown leather cruiser (medium) they have. I'm tempted to go and eat a ton of food/drink a ton of beer to make it fit...
If you don't intend on wearing it over anything but a shirt, that is a not terrible size Doesn't look like you'd be able to wear that over anything except a shirt if you needed to, though
later than ss12 (due to tag, they switched to the newer simpler tag in ss13. My guess is ss13 from the fabric, but i mix everything together these days
two similar albeit different outfits [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Also worth noting if you'd still want that one that the bakers run a little longer and a little slimmer than a bedford. Also generally if something is half or fully lined it'll be slimmer than something unlined as from my experience everything is cut the same, then the lining added.I think @Cotton Dockers has that jacket and might be able to help more with specifics on the fit for this season?
Notre - Blue Chambray Gentry - 6oz Indigo Denim @occultavexillum Unfortunately I haven't seen the dk navy cotton flannel longshirt anywhere in XL this season :/
Weather finally turned, can finally wear things that aren't a tee and shorts outside which rules [[SPOILER]]
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