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This thread needs more pics! Not much fading, but not too heavy to wear in the summer (low/mid 90s here)
3-4 business days of processing usually, followed by 3-4 business days for shipping in my experiences with them
hah thanksthe only eg item in that fit was the shirt, and it was such a minor piece of it all that i figured it wasn't a good representation in how i wear the brandtruly appreciate the compliment, though
This conversation as a whole stinks for this thread here's a ss14 baker, ss13 striped 19thct button down, some season desert pant (with neat little pocket on the beltloop), and some yoox shoes
@thatoneguy the fabric on that jacket is unreal -- harnden? and here's me today
xpost to shill the Show us how you roll in EG thread for anyone interested who isn't already subscribed to it
unintentionally wearing something very similar to @cotton dockers ss13 navy cotton bedford workaday striped oxford ss10 olive ripstop fatigues
ss13 navy cotton bedford ss15 patchwork print 19thct button down ss10(?) olive ripstop fatigues
July post -- these have stained my car seat and shoes as well as standing up to a wash and dry. For what it's worth, turning them inside out to wash on hot and machine drying them left with little shrinking and no worse for wear (other than some smells gone! ) Also a wvg kind of day -- wwm jacket, wvg pistachio overdye ocbd, wvg jeans, dayton boots
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