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Looks to be a Hartford jacket from FW10 in a grey wool flannelTravelling and EG fit the bill well for me
no tagged size and I bought (gambled) used . Wish I could be more helpful
absolutely fantastic suit, @in stitchesxpost from eg thread [[SPOILER]]
fine... always feels strange posting pictures of myself wearing clothes on the internet.only notable things are the fw11 cruiser and the nepenthes x el resero boots
some really great stuff here lately. fun to glance at the beginning of this thread and see the evolution of how the brand has been worn
older homespun bedford (fw11?) fw12 polka dot bathrobe fw13 reversible pants danner ML2s
mmm's new take on diy sneakers
going to get drunk and go to a free show at an art museum with a friend
pants are way unfaded in this ss09 suit, guess i'll have to wear them a bit more to even them out
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