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Happened to be out in the 3 hours that it was snowing in March, thus the miserable expression.
cold, but sunny and still day
cabourn jacketbeater sweatereg shirtcabourn pantsyoox shoes [[SPOILER]]
FW08 Bomber FW13 Matt Pants
Some stuff I've been shrinking out of (yay weight loss) that could use a good home.SS14 Tux pants (Size 32) in lightweight denim. Great summer pants, incredibly lightweight. [[SPOILER]] FW09(ish) CPO (Size Small) in Wool Herringbone. Fits small/medium, longer arms than work well for me as my shoulders shrink [[SPOILER]] Looking for:* pants from 2011, 2012, or 2013* blue oxford stripe 19th ct button down* 19th century button downs in general* long coats/parkas/etc
Cosmic Wonder Light Source Insulated Jacket
That first is great, that second is absolutely outstanding @ManofKent Beginning with the rise of the pants and how it hits at just the right spot on the bedford. The shade and depth of color on the pants and colors as a whole all the way through the way you wear the shawl, really well put together and worn
xpost from eg thread
got the tux from bureau just in time to go get a beer with my sister for her birthday fw14 black velvet tux ss14 white oxford 19th century button down
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