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I desperately want the Greens in a 46.Not a bad story at all...always a nice feeling just when you gave up on finding something!
Yep. The Rafs on the prior page. But those Fujiwaras are brutal too.
Those Rafs are all horrendous.
That's quite a lot of BS on 899....but those Plum & Green patent Lanvins are great. Not into the snakes and the mids are terrible. Still on the hunt for both of these...but a 45 / 46 is pretty much impossible.
Definitely...The thread is just moving along much slower than usual. Hopefully people haven't entirely bailed on the forum.
All things take time to get used to. Having worked on forum re-designs in the past, the best thing is just to be patient and work with the staff to incorporate meaningful changes and updates along the way. Sometimes the staff can overlook things that users might be able to point out, and there's an adjustment period for that. One thing I'm already really liking is the added thumbnails and more easily broken down item details on the Buying / Selling forum. The segmented...
Those low W+Hs in black kill. Really liking those and will try and track them down. As for the highs, the zipper would've been better on the medial side, or at the least, tonal. They'd be great with some slight changes.
ffatt -- Both of these CPs in grey are real clean. The Chukkas are great.
I actually have to also thank 'ysb' for the heads up on the Tannery sale. My buddy Zac called them up and was able to grab the Ivory Lows there for me! I was hoping to find a grey pair, but they were too good of a deal to pass up.
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