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Ok sounds good. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to April!
When should I expect the Feb. pocket sq? I just signed up a month ago or so. Thanks!
How does a cobbler attach a Vibram Cristy Sole to a boot with a welted crepe sole? Cement glue or stitching or both? Thanks.
Thanks for the explanation guys. I have to say that the last of the shoe has significantly changed because I am pronating more on my right side than before they were done. Not sure what I should do at this point becAuse as was pointed out these probably weren't the highest quality shoes to begin with and pumping more and more money into them doesn't make financial sense when I could save up for a higher quality shoe like grensons. (I bought a pair of beautiful chukas from...
I saw this post and was wondering how the cobbler attaches the Cristy Sole...glue? Welting? Thanks
Pardon me if this is in the wrong place but I figured someone on this particular thread would know about this. So I took a pair of VTG Wright black wingtips to get resoled in Boston (Central Sq, Cambridge). They had decent reviews so I thought I'd give them a try. First off he glued the sole on, which I didn't realize until I got them back and then secondly, (I'm not sure this is even possible) but the forefoot of the shoe appears to be pointing inwards. Meaning my right...
Turnbull and Asser- SOLD Purple with white Polka dots 100% Silk Made in England Beautiful hand made tie. Measurements: 3.75 inches wide, 58 inches long Turnbull and Asser- SOLD Grey/white pattern 100% Silk Made in England Beautiful hand made tie. Measurements: 3.75 inches wide, 58 inches lon Hermes Tie-SOLD 3.5" wide 56" long Brioni Tie Long-$35 Measurements: 4" width 59.5" long Dolce and Gabbana -$20 Made in Italy 3.75" width 58" long H. Herzfeld Tie - $20>$15 Made...
Gant Rugger XXL NWT Stripped Shirt, snap collar $35 Zegna Plaid Shirt, MOP buttons, Made in Italy $25 LaCoste Oxford White collar sz 40 Medium $25 (slight spot on bottom left of shirt, hardly noticeable and difficult to get a good pic because its so faint) Zegna Stripped shirt sz 17/43 $20 All shirts are in great condition. Like new. All prices include shipping. Please PM me with questions.
Turnbull and Asser Braces (suspenders) NWT (MSRP $165) Purple Felt $99.00 Shipped. Please PM me. Pure Wool Braces Gold Effect Fittings Hand Stitched Leather Ends Adjustable Supplied with 6 Trouser Buttons Made in England
This is a used in great condition IPhone 4 32gb AT&T smart phone. I've kept this in a case and had a screen cover the entire time. There is slight rubbing on the aluminum corners from the case which was a black rubber Griffin case. It's still smooth, never been dropped. Taken care of meticulously. Let me know I'd you have question. Also, the mic on the headphones does not work but can probably be returned to Apple for replacement.
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