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I'm pumped!
Yup, just got one.
Was kind of curious myself, since I seen them back up pretty quick. I'd planned to bid on them but spaced on the closing.
I'm really interested in seeing the finish product. I'll be down in that area in the coming months so I'm definitely going to have to stop in.
I do not, sorry!
Just to add a size reference I wear: Yuk Angler Mocs 12 Clark Deserts 11 AE Strands 11.5 Athletic Shoes 12 I picked up some Yuk Hunting Chukkas in 11.5 and they were too uncomfortable to stretch out.
This. I guess I could have been a little more specific on my original post, it is a little vague.
This thread makes me regret not pulling the trigger on a Stark when I had a chance.
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