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Capitol Hill is the place to be. Von Trapps' is very popular on the weekend, but expect long, long, long lines. Another great area is Belltown, lots of different theme bars for whatever you're in to (sushi, whiskey, drunken literature, etc). If you want to grab a bite there's about 5 sandwich shops on Capitol Hill. We're also really into the pho, so Vietnamese restaurants are everywhere as well.The touristy things to do are pretty obvious, Pike Place Market, Space Needle,...
I bought some, they're cool. The toe cap is a little odd though, but they're very comfy. Amazon has them on the cheap ($30) so if you don't like them it's no great loss
Thanks for the info. I'm curious because I want to buy an unsanforized jean that's about 15oz or more. I was looking at ROY denim on selfedge and the RS03 is marked as a 13oz denim, which is thinner than I would like. But if it gets denser when it's washed I may reconsider.
Does the weight (in oz) of unsanforized denim increase after shrinking? I think I remember reading somewhere that LVC denim is 12oz, but becomes 14oz after shrinking. Can anyone corroborate this?
If someone wanted to buy the red tab that Samurai affixes to the denim in Japan, so they could hand sew it themselves, where would one do that. Is it even possible?
Stanley, what are you wearing in that photo? Me likey
I've been here for about a year and haven't introduced myself because I didn't know better. I am a full time student in Seattle. Joined the forum because of an interest in raw denim which has expanded to style in general. I like functional looks that include denim, and I'm not really interested in remaining "on-trend" as much as I am finding the right fits. Most of my posts are questions because I have no idea what I want to try.
These: http://www.zappos.com/onitsuka-tiger-by-asics-mexico-66-birch-indian-ink-latte They really strike my fancy as an alternative to GATs or Sambas. Any thoughts?
Can anyone recommend me a light or medium weight (i.e. 3-season) outerwear to go with a T-shirt and jeans. I tend toward things with no hood. It also can't be a denim jacket because I can't rock the Canadian tuxedo.
The theory behind paleo is that if you eat quality animal products, including offal like beef liver, you'll get all the vitamins you need. When I say quality I mean on its natural diet as opposed to corn. 2 cents
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