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Price Drop!! $100 each.
Price Drop!! $100
I recently purchased some Persol 2869S from my local dealer, but they had somehow lost the original case, so they gave me an ugly and massive DKNY hard case. Does anyone have a spare Persol case, or know where I could purchase just a case? Thanks.
Sorry, forgot that part! They're above in the text now. Thanks.
I have one Charles Tyrwhitt size M cotton jacket for sale. Fully unlined and unstructured in khaki. The perfect jacket for knocking about town in the summer. Like new. Functioning cuffs, although the button holes are sewn shut. Measurements: Layed flat shoulder to shoulder is 18" straight across Shoulder seam to cuff is 25.5" Armpit to armpit is 19" Width at the base, again laid flat, is 21" $150 + shipping
Price Drop: $150 each.
I have two pairs of Alden's for sale – 906 and 905's in burgundy calfskin – in 9.5 AAA/A. Originally made for Sheppard Shoes. Both sets of uppers are in great condition, with not much wear on the soles either. Below are photos of the 906's and I'll post photos of the 905's later today. Asking $200 each. Price Drop: $150 each. Note the small scuff on the toe. The other pair does not have any scuffs. And here are the 905's.
Wow. I've looked at that page before and totally missed the last name. Those are the ones. I also have the same pair but without the perfs, same fit and everything, in Burgundy. Now to wait for my 45 days so I can post a for sale thread. Thanks for the help!
I would say you wear a white pocket square, and get them some grey pocket squares. It would be nice and subtle.
Yeah pretty much. They seemed to fit decently at first, but after a while I realized they only seem like they fit because they're narrow enough, but really they're too long. I understand the 9.5 and the width AAA/A, it's more the last that I'm wondering about. Is that what the 905 denotes? And does that last also have a name, or just a number? Thanks
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