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Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I was thinking that he was talking boaning as opposed to dating. That doesn't cover the fact that you know nothing of this chick and hardly anything of the circumstances and are still making a judgement of his worthiness here. Reactionary comments based upon an uninformed sense of empathy aren't particularly productive. you say so. I doubt that 99.9% of the things said on forums like this are productive.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie That's my general probelm with meta-analytical compilations, particularly this one. Humanities people, as you say, love 'em. In the hard sciences all kinds of hay would be made about unreliability of sample etc. First time for everything. snort. you didn't even bother to read the study. phony.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deluks917 Its actually kinda rare for a troll to call somebody a troll I have never heard of it happening, ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower You ladies keep rewarding the douchebags with sex - do you think the guys are going to change their ways? LOL Women have the power to change it, but they won't. There's a part of them that's attracted to these idiots. some ladies reward some douchebags with sex. what I am saying is that, at least for myself and my cohort of friends, it doesn't matter how nicely you dress, if you are a jerk, you...
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK Or you could give a productive answer... that is, in my view, a very productive answer. if a dude cannot get beyond something like a scar on someone's neck and appreciate the woman herself, he is trite and shallow and not worthy of a relationship with her. he should move on to someone as lacking as he is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White Ugh! What an awful, unreadable direction this thread has taken! WTF is this stuff about "early feminism?" Jeez! Use a search engine or something, will ya? Feminism circa 1970 was about bored rich women wanting bigger allowances so they faked interest in working women's wages, bored rich women wanting more abortion clinics so they faked interest in poor women getting the government to pay for abortions, bored...
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Neither of these posts are convincing. Nice snark on the second, must be taking lessons from Fuuma. Sorry a website "article" with no links to the "studies" and no recitation of the form of meta-analysis done to the data does not leave me (not would it leave anyone with a good basis in statistics)with any sense of certitude regarding the results. Please note that 40 studies need more than 13 cites. Point being none of...
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches please girl, i say this cause i like you and i care. use multi quote. why is that important to you?
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy 1. maybe not women like you, but yes. 2. please kevin federline IS the poster boy for wifebeaters. think william zabka in karate kid 3. a quick google of "kanye + magazine covers" says otherwise (with regards to being a style "icon") 4. I personally like to dress well (not saying I succeed in it) for my personal enjoyment. yes, a good portion of men out there are 'peacocks' but personally, and I think a lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye The SS looked pretty stylish, but they were assholes. I'd say the most intangible aspect of being stylish is looking authentic in what you're wearing. Striking clothes look like a costume if you don't make them your own. I think there is more to how you are perceived, and hence style, than just how you look. the Nazis looked awesome, but how they acted results in us feeling revulsion at their images.
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