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Good eyesight! Yep, there it is. Funny, it's only on the right shoe.-Erik
Where's the missing perf?-Erik
Ok, you've got me curious. Where's the missing perforation?-Erik
I'm the guy who received a pair of whiskey shell LWBs yesterday that were not only the wrong size (even though the box was correct), but had defects that, in my opinion, should disqualify them even from being sold as "seconds." I was pretty hard on Alden, and based on that pair, deservedly so. It's only fair that I report that my replacement whiskey shell LWBs arrived today, and they're as close to perfect as I've ever had in a pair of Aldens. I'm very happy. If all...
Yet another GREAT quality control job by Alden! I ordered a pair of whiskey LWBs. Size 10.5. The box they came in was marked 10.5, but the shoes themselves were 11s! Wait, there's more: The area at the base of the thing where the laces are is all scuffed up; the finish actually is worn away. But we're not done yet. Not only is the center perf not punched out, but there's this black goo all over the toebox that (a) won't come off; and (b) hides the shine and...
Thanks; the chukkas look so good because of this stuff:
Lazy Wednesday morning over here for me and my cigar shell chukkas.
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