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Whiskey in mid-October? But of course!
Good point! Just the (Alden) whiskey this morning; (Scotch) whisky is more of an evening thing for me.
It's a good day for whiskey.
Nohtin' special here...just an old, well-cared for pair of PTBs in #8.
#8 day? OK, here's what I'm wearing:
Question: Do I need Ravello, and if so, what shoe? I have Whiskey LWBs, Cigar chukkas, PTB #8s, and black shell captoe bals. As Whiskey ages, it darkens. Would it be too close to Ravello? When would I wear Ravello that I wouldn't wear either Whiskey or Cigar? I know I'm missing a LHS, but I can't wear the Van Last, so that's an impossibility. Thoughts?
Double fail. Big chukka fan here. How can you not like these cigars?
Is this the ultimate suit shoe? Alden black shell captoe bal. Black shell has a depth and glow to it that black calf simply cannot match.
In my view, a chukka and a longwing both are perfectly appropriate to wear with a suit, with the longwing being slightly more formal. I wear both with suits, frequently. Should anyone, in person, criticize my choice of foortwear as being non-suit-approrpiate, they would politely but firmly be advised to take the stick out of their behind and get a hobby. Cigar chukka, left; whiskey LWB, right. With a suit: I bet I could wear a cigar chukka on my left foot, and a...
It's always a good day for Cigar. Here's my 3-year old Cigar chukkas:
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