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Cigar chukkas today.
Whiskey gunboats today.
If it were my $700, those Ravellos would be on the first pre-paid shipipng label back to wherever you bought them from. There's just no way such a mismatch is acceptable. The Whiskeys, though are a tougher call. I have Whiskey LWBs, too, and I had to take a clean cloth and buff off some dark polish when I bought them -- they came "clean" quite easily. Try that, and I bet you'll be happy with the outcome. Even as-is, I'd probably keep the Whiskeys, but it depends on...
Very nice! There's at least one other pair of cigar chukkas in DC -- mine!
Whiskey LWB & argyles today.
Yes, the black shell captoe bals are the Hampton last. Quite a comfy last, with more arch support and a narrower waist than the Barrie.
Black shell captoe bal today.
Whiskey LWB Friday.
#8 PTBs today.
Whiskey Wednesday:
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