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For sale is a J Crew long sleeve button up, size M. shirt has only been worn and washed a few times.
For sale is a Banana Republic slim-fit chambray size medium. Shirt has been worn a couple of times and that's it.
Up for sale is a brand new Allegri Millano Military Field Jacket sz. 54, which is a Large/XL. It is shown here on this site. It's brand new, in bag with hanger. Nice high quality jacket.
For sale are a bunch of sweaters that have been in storage. They are in great condition, pretty much brand new. All are size MEDIUM. Excuse my crappy phone photos, but if you are interested in more pics I can bring out the camera and take better pictures. 1. J crew cotton cashmere cardigans. Bought a few months ago, in navy and dark grey. They are the same ones listed here: The navy...
For sale are three different J crew sweaters. First is a light grey 95% cotton 5% cashmere sweater. Has been worn a couple of times. SOLD! Second is a BNWOT darker grey 95% cotton 5% cashmere sweater. Only been tried on. Also asking 30 shipped. Last is a 100% cashmere sea greenish color. Has been worn a few times. Asking 40 shipped.
Thanks, ill be sure to check that place out.And GBR, I just bought a suit jacket that needs to be fitted properly. Also, I have roughly 5 pairs of pants that are too long but I haven't gotten around to getting them hemmed
Hello, I'm in dire need to get some suit jackets and pants tailored. I'm currently living in Fresno and don't know any good tailors here. Any recommendations?
Good point. What I'm aiming for is a messy-looking hair style, kinda like the "just got out of bed" look but neater.
Oi Polloi Lo Cut Mocc Crepe Sole (Arrow Moccasins) -- Bought these from another member and he wore them a few times, but unfortunately they were a bit big for me. I wore them once around in my house, they are still really new. Shoes only. Still has that overpowering leather smell. They are worth 300$. Size: 10 (Fits true to size) here they are on the site.
what hair product will get my hair looking like this? i have asian hair, pretty thin and it just flops on my head and parts in the middle
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