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is this still available?
For sale are a bunch of button ups that just don't get any wear. All are size M. All of them have been washed/worn, some were only worn 2-3 times. None come from outlets, all are regular J crew. I'm asking 25$ each shirt shipped, but will entertain group discounts. Red tartan shirt. washed and worn Grey shirt. Color is a plain grey. Yellow and black with thin red lines. Blue with yellow lines. Blue sun faded oxford. White sun faded oxford.
Pm sent
Hello, Will you be willing to take 75 shipped for this shirt? Thanks.
i definitely prefer pm
Received gift card for Xmas. Value is $100, selling for 90$. Willing to do trades for J crew gift cards, Gant Home Run Varsity Jacket in L, or something else you offer.
For sale are four sweaters, condition is listed with each item. None of my items are factory items. FIrst is a BNWT J Crew M V-neck Sweater in a lavender (light purplish) color, 95% cotton 5% cashmere. Asking 30 for this sweater. Second is a BNWT Brooks Brothers M sweater in navy blue. 100% fine merino wool. Asking 45 for this sweater. Third is a BNWOT Polo Ralph Lauren Crewneck in M. The color is grey, 100% cottton. It is a heavy sweater. Asking 45 for this...
is it possible to get away without using the boot leather? i really like the color the way it is, i dont want it significantly darker.
I just bought my first pair of brown 1000 miles and would appreciate any help on instructions on how to treat the leather. I read through the thread but don't have a clear answer on what to do. I bought Obenauf's LP and boot oil, from what I read I believe the instructions are to cover with LP, blowdry and wait, then cover it with LP again and blowdry. When would I use the boot oil? Thanks for the help guys.
Hello, Selling a brand new pair of Pantherella 100% cashmere socks. Fits sizes 8-13, these are the nicest socks I have ever felt in my life. The rich port and charcoal colors are a must have. The socks retail for $65, I am selling for $40. Here is a stock photo of the item: Thank you.
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