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Need a larger Filson bag? I love my 256, but if you want more space, a padded compartment, and an included rolled leather handle keeper, check this out: Filson canvas padded computer bag: $220 down from ($325), which is the same price as the excellent original Filson briefcase. Full feature list Cotton canvas padded zip-top water repellent laptop briefcase Two bridle leather carry handles with double-snap closure and snap button storm flap Removable adjustable leather...
Filson canvas padded computer bag: $220 down from ($325), which is the same price as the excellent original Filson briefcase but includes a padded laptop compartment, more pockets/space, and includes the rolled leather handle keeper. http://www.parkandbond.com/product/87336073
With apologies to The Clash, I would like your opinion on this coat. Is it too feminine looking? I have been looking for a trench, but this looks like an intriguing coat. It's navy (like so many of my coats), and I would like to get another color, but this looks pretty good. Not a fan of the mustardy other color on Gilt. Buy or not? Details: Plectrum by Ben Sherman Long-sleeve melton wool blend six-button double-breasted coat Horn buttons throughout Shawl...
Just got my bag in the mail today via parcel post. A few quick impressions before I do a full review some time in the future: The leather is not stained on both sides. The interior of the bag is lined with what feels to be flimsy adhesive liner. The leather is not stained on both sides. Thus, the natural color of the leather is on the back of the strap (which is actually cleverly integrated into the frame of the bag, lending more structural support), the flaps, and the...
Further reduced to $50. Perfect around-town bag, or for youngsters.
Reduced to $70 each. Looking to offload these for incoming purchases.
I didn't actually end up buying those... And I think those were from Etsy. And this is the seller's picture, not mine.
So it looks like people are conflicted on these, but I wanted to see if broguing does anything to improve the look.
Hi guys. I am wondering if it is worth it to pick up a pair of black Bally tassel loafers and resold them prior to resale. The leather uppers are in remarkable condition with minor heel wear. The sole has pretty good wear though. Is this worth it? Not my size (7.5D made in Italy). Edit: didn't pick it up.
Yeah, I thrifted these for my personal use, not resale. Given the condition of the soles, I'm going to visit my local cobbler and see what it might cost. They're not bad and the uppers are in good condition. If it's affordable, I'll spring for them. My eventual goal is to save up for some AE Strands so I'll err on the side of saving every penny for them...Found some other good stuff today too - will post pictures later.Circa 1982 with the helmet logo - good to very good...
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