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Multi flys copped. Thanks for the heads up RFX.
Great fit. Thanks for the pictures.Hoping I get tracking soon for mycharly ma-1. I ordered first week of April.
Corter Leather pieces, including bottle openers on sale now on if anyone is interested.
Just saw a Corter Leather sale on if anyone is interested.
If I remember correctly, that's the supplier's fault and not Mauro's desire to keep the fabric to himself.
Checked out some of the upcoming fabric and it's the shit. The hoodies and sweats material is very interesting in a good way; loungewear at it's best. The tee fabric is so soft. Excited for the upcoming stuff. Decided on the fabric for the wedding suit. Mauro was attentive and very gentle while explaining all the options that comes with WvG MTM suiting. I did not feel violated at all.
Yupppp the indigo floral is a must.
^That's dope.
what are those sweats in the first photo RKD?
The charly special? I'm 1.5 months into the wait. Hoping to see some fit pics!
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