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My humble entries...
Trim to the point that it's uncomfortable and pulls from the shoulders and chest? Or just a bit too trim/tight for the layering you want to do?
The chest measurement is from the outside and underarm seam to seam? I'm assuming it is actually trimmer than a 23 inches from the inside due to the padding. What is your actual chest measurement? Was this jacket too big in the chest or too small?
^ This. Mine should be coming by end of week.
Mauro, put me down for Panda, AD L, Monkey arms.
The pig print...
^ Stick with the medium AD
Multi flys copped. Thanks for the heads up RFX.
Great fit. Thanks for the pictures.Hoping I get tracking soon for mycharly ma-1. I ordered first week of April.
Corter Leather pieces, including bottle openers on sale now on fab.com if anyone is interested.
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