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Overall what are your impression? Decent quality? Worth the price?
^I've worn the Isaora pants and shell jacket this entire season to snowboard (about 7 trips) and it is still in excellent shape so far.
Sizing question: If I measure a 34.5 where I want my pants to sit, what size would you recommend for the Cast in Coated Drake? 33 or 34?
Purchased brand new for $350 but unfortunately a bit too small for my liking. I am normally a 11 or 10.5E US. Please PM any questions you might have. PayPal Gift preferred. Will ship with tracking.
GITMAN VINTAGE LIGHT GRAY FLANNEL SIZE: LARGE PERFECT CONDITION I purchased this last season, took it to a tailor and got the box pleat sewn down to make it slimmer around the stomach. I put it back in the closet and did not wear it out I've lost a considerable amount of weight and this shirt no longer fits. You can easily get the box pleat removed and will not be noticeable after you get it pressed because of the nature of the fabric. No international shipping. PayPal...
Mauro, any chance of L in AD or BD available or are they all pre-ordered? No real preference on collar, but prefer spread (if thats an option)
Searched the thread but no answer: Anyone in the US order from Frans Boone? Duties?
Guys, here are my measurements. Thinking about getting the suiting wool ma-1 and plan to wear a thermal or a light sweater underneath at most. Charly recommended a 52 but wanted to get additional feedback from owners of the suiting wool. Don't want a super fitted look with this and would like to achieve the same type of fit as Drew's from the toj-gallery. Shoulder 18 Chest 41 Midsection 33 Waist 34.5 Length 22.5 Sleeve 25.25 Bicep 16 Height 6'1" Weight 193
Copped the black and green to try out. Thanks for the heads up.
It's just light blue, only the olive is overdye. Darts are used to slim down a shirt. You can easily find a formal definition online. Thanks for looking.
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