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Thanks for the info. Placed an order for a large via Steven Alan. I'm 6'1" and about 188. Hope the large was the right size...
[/quote]The olive bomber looks completely brown to me on the Steven Alan site... I'm guessing it could be my monitor calibration but can someone tell me if its a dark dark green or if it leans more towards brown?
So UNIS Gios are not vanity sized correct?
looks awesome. would definitely be interested but have no idea what size i would need. consensus seems that i should size down half a size from my barrie last?
What model boots are these?
you can try APCs or Naked and Famous Weird Guys...
It's cotton, so they will stretch. It all depends on how hard or how much he wears them.
Got a Gitman Vintage White OCBD in medium... I'm interested in the Charcoal BD in large. Let me know. Thanks
any recommendations for a belt, besides Alden/Allen Edmonds, to go with cigar captoe boots? i know we have some leather artisans here that have belts that come fairly close to the cigar color... thanks guys.
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