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It's cotton, so they will stretch. It all depends on how hard or how much he wears them.
Got a Gitman Vintage White OCBD in medium... I'm interested in the Charcoal BD in large. Let me know. Thanks
any recommendations for a belt, besides Alden/Allen Edmonds, to go with cigar captoe boots? i know we have some leather artisans here that have belts that come fairly close to the cigar color... thanks guys.
I take a 10 D on the Barrie, but I went with the 10.5 D on the Grant since you purchased the 10 E she had. Can't wait to get them. First time trying the Grant and wanted a sleeker looking boot. Hopefully the half size up from the Barrie don't leave my foot with too much wiggle room.Does the 10 E on the Grand look as wide as the Barrie in D width?
Just ordered my first Cigar in the form of a captoe boot on the Grant last from Alden DC. Kathy was a pleasure to deal. Free ground shipping and no tax since I'm in NY. Thanks for the heads up alcibiades!
Anyone have the herringbone or donegal tweed slim pants? How is the fit? True to size? Quality? Thanks!
^ send me your offers
^ No. It's a different cut I believe.
^ only if they were a 10 D... damn it.
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