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well i am between a 33 and 34 and wear my chinos with a very slight sag so i'm guessing a 33 would probably be my best bet.
^ thanks for the info guys
Cool, I'm about a 43 chest so I'm hoping I get the slim fit that I'm looking for...
Yeah, that's what I was thinking... thanks
Thanks for the info. Placed an order for a large via Steven Alan. I'm 6'1" and about 188. Hope the large was the right size...
[/quote]The olive bomber looks completely brown to me on the Steven Alan site... I'm guessing it could be my monitor calibration but can someone tell me if its a dark dark green or if it leans more towards brown?
So UNIS Gios are not vanity sized correct?
looks awesome. would definitely be interested but have no idea what size i would need. consensus seems that i should size down half a size from my barrie last?
What model boots are these?
you can try APCs or Naked and Famous Weird Guys...
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