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^ why? something wrong with the fit of the down jacket you currently have?
^was wondering the same thing...
^good looking shirt
You can try macys.com, they only have 4 color choices but you can use the discount codes floating around and buy them at a discount.
^ wow
looking for someone to proxy a tiger fleece or reversible hoodie in large to New Jersey if found at the sample sale. let me know!
I have a pair, but definitely been too busy to even try and participate. Looks good though guys. Can't wait to start breaking mine in.
got a brand new pair of 34s in slim straight. PM me with your offer.
I am a TTS 34 and I picked up the Alphas in 34 and they fit perfectly. Just for reference, I normally wear a 33 in JCrew khakis.Try and see if the promo code works on top of the already 30% off... you don't have to purchase (I don't believe) to see what discounts apply...
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