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Mauro, the thermals available at midnight tonight?? 3 shirts and a waffle crew wool ordered!
Awesome wj4. [[SPOILER]]
^ Just ordered 3 pairs of the Unis Skinny and from what I've seen and read is that the fabric quality and construction is far beyond that of any Dockers. Full waist curtain, etc. I started my slim chino purchases with Alphas because they were "hard wearing" but after an entire year of rotating 6 pairs of Alphas, I took the leap and purchased Unis. Khakis is pretty much my uniform for work so definitely worth the extra $ in my opinion.
damn it... i was just about to inquire about it.
Anyone else experiencing "bunching" around the crotch for the new ST? Everywhere else fits perfectly, but the crotch/rise seems to be too roomy... Not sure if this is a "new cut" issue as the previous cut for the same model did not have this issue for me.
chest measurement?
So you are about 5 foot 8 inches... How is the length? A bit long I'm assuming.
The new pants....
^Tony Starks! I'll definitely try and make it out.
How does the barrie fit for you? Perfect? Some wiggle room? I'm surprised that Oak Street runs so big...
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