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^nice. I would've bought that for sure.
damn, the hunting jacket in indigo still available in the fire sale???
Nice. The wool is killer. With the weather in the 10s here in NYC, this piece is definitely coming in handy.The boots are alden cigar caps on the grant last.
Couldn't get a bathroom shot in today and the lack of sun by the time I get home blah blah... Kickass Blue Heather Grey Wool Waffle Crew
The knits look good! The harrington still jumps out as my favorite from the pictures. The colors look really good Mauro.
Looking for this gray coat from W&H or something similar in gray. Any recommendations?
[[SPOILER]] Looks dope.
Windbreaker and Harrington. Can't wait to see the details. The hoodies also look on point. You right RKD, W&H/RC going to have to take a backseat.
Posted. Thanks
100% AUTHENTIC Stussy Wild Hawaii Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt Worn once. Ask any questions. PayPal Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: