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The new pants....
^Tony Starks! I'll definitely try and make it out.
How does the barrie fit for you? Perfect? Some wiggle room? I'm surprised that Oak Street runs so big...
What is your actual chest measurement? Shoulders? Height? Weight? Thanks
^ Fits like a glove.
Was it too big for you? What is your actual chest measurement and height? Thanks
measurements? detachable hood?
2a because you have the penny for casual wear and I would prefer to have something a bit more rugged for my 2nd mto.
^ waiting on my pair that i ordered. first time buying danner and as a result i dont have the sizing down. i'm a 10.5 D but very close to E. hoping the 10 EE fits...
^ Totally agree. I do have some ass so I fill it out well but the front crotch looks a bit tight even though I have some give on the waist. The nature of the WG I guess...
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