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Blue dot + Thermal ordered! Feeding the addiction yet again. Will try and post proper pics after I get it.
I sold my epaulet shirts because I dropped 15 lbs... but I still have plenty of rivets. This contest is going to be "off the hinges" as I used to say when I was 16!
Do you mean the leg opening can now be easily adjusted or the waist? I thought the waist/seat were always adjustable because of the split.
Has the Rivet Chinos changed much in terms of fit since last year? Are the new Rivets larger in the leg opening than in the past? I have a few pairs I purchased the same time last year and they fit perfectly.
Is the sizing like suit jackets??
Love me some instagram.
Mauro, you alive man? How was the tradeshow?
Looking forward to picking up a few pieces. Great post Fok.
What size do you wear in Nikes? Chucks?
Gitman Brothers Vintage. Stripe Linen Chambray. Linen and stripes meet in a winning combination of two of our favorite springtime details. Slubby linen fabric is woven into a faded blue and brown stripe for a great, understated look. Whether you prefer your linen crinkled and worn or ironed and crisp, there's really no wrong way to wear a shirt this nice. Classic Gitman details include single needle tailoring, button-down collar, single breast pocket on the left, locker...
New Posts  All Forums: