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Anyone have a ma1 or a2 in large that want to sell? Let me know.
^ this. if you care about it, hang dry always. dry clean if u $$
^ yes. its cotton so it will stretch. i've always worn them around the house for a few hours a day for about a week before it stretched enough to wear out in public.
Nice write up
Normally I wouldn't post a comment like this but after the 3rd compliment in the same day... I have to. Kick-ass blue oxford. If you haven't purchased it because you think it's just another blue oxford... color/hue/tone/saturation (whatever the terms may be), is vital. Don't sleep.
Great writeup Nick. Enjoyed it very much.
^ Look at Wolf Vs Goat. They have their own thread here on SF. I would say that in terms of quality/fit/price, his is hard to beat IMO.
^ haha The overdye fabric is no joke. I would say it feels more substantial to the touch than the GBV overdyes imo. I have a few so far but that number is going to increase very quickly if I realize the XL BD fits me now that I've lost an inch in the chest. Got my baby blue dots. Will post pics ASAP.
Worn 1x. Gitman Vintage Rounded Collar Flannel Large I had the box pleat sewn all the way down by a tailor like BoO button down shirts. You can easily remove this and the holes would disappear because of the fabric. Super soft with single chest pocket, rounded button-down collar, box pleat with locker loop, buttoned vent and cuff Will post measurements tonight. Contact me if you have any questions. $75 PayPal Gift No international shipping. Thanks for looking
Measurements posted
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