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^ You will not be disappointed. All quality pieces at an unbeatable price point imo. Haven't had a chance to properly wear the pieces Mauro. Will post pics as soon as I get a chance to take some proper pics and do these things justice. Quality is RIDICULOUS. The wool sweater is butter soft. Herringbone Chambray is probably the best button down I own. All the overdyes, as discussed earlier, don't look nearly as good on the webstore. Waiting for more Sp13 pieces to...
Mauro, if you find that you have some XXLs in the button henleys... HOLLER (via PM only to me)
Anyone got XXL button henley in the charcoal and or navy they want to swap for an XL?
HAHA, I'm a skinny bitch now Mauro. I can model for you.
2 - Waffle Henleys 3 - AD Shirts 1 - Waffle crew sweater Appreciate the discounts Mauro. Will post fit pics once I receive them. Keep up the good work and Happy Thanksgiving.
Ignore my previous comment. Saw the drop downs as I scrolled down.
Mauro, the thermals available at midnight tonight?? 3 shirts and a waffle crew wool ordered!
Awesome wj4. [[SPOILER]]
^ Just ordered 3 pairs of the Unis Skinny and from what I've seen and read is that the fabric quality and construction is far beyond that of any Dockers. Full waist curtain, etc. I started my slim chino purchases with Alphas because they were "hard wearing" but after an entire year of rotating 6 pairs of Alphas, I took the leap and purchased Unis. Khakis is pretty much my uniform for work so definitely worth the extra $ in my opinion.
damn it... i was just about to inquire about it.
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