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Thanks for the input gentlemen! I didn't have a specific model in mind, just trying to look at a variety of brands and learn as much as I can. I am wanting to purchase a watch prior to my wedding and looking to spend $2k on a quality piece that will be my first "quality" watch purchase. Any other hidden gems in terms of brands that you can recommend? Damasko also looks nice as well.
Hi guys, I would really appreciate any insight you may have about MKII or Sinn. Trying to decide between the two companies and want some expert opinion between the two companies. One is US while the other is made in Germany and I know that depending on my personal taste and style, that will be the biggest deciding factor but I like both brands and feel that they both have something to offer in terms of my style. Thanks guys!
I work near Nepenthes so if you want pieces from Engineered Garments or any of the other brands they carry, just let me know. I will charge 10% of the item cost (minimum $10) and you will be responsible for actual shipping cost to your location. Insurance and method of shipment is up to you but I do have a 9-5 so USPS would be best. Contact me and we can work out the details. If there are things here in NYC that you need, I can see what I can do as well. Thanks.
Inquire about any luxury watch and I'll reply back with a quote that will probably be cheaper than what you can find it for. I'm located here in NYC but not willing to do local meet ups since I do have a 9-5 but I'll decide on a case by case basis. Thanks!
I am not a fan. I think there might be some love for it on Solecollector.com...
Anyone have a ma1 or a2 in large that want to sell? Let me know.
^ this. if you care about it, hang dry always. dry clean if u $$
^ yes. its cotton so it will stretch. i've always worn them around the house for a few hours a day for about a week before it stretched enough to wear out in public.
Nice write up
Normally I wouldn't post a comment like this but after the 3rd compliment in the same day... I have to. Kick-ass blue oxford. If you haven't purchased it because you think it's just another blue oxford... color/hue/tone/saturation (whatever the terms may be), is vital. Don't sleep.
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