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I work near Nepenthes so if you want pieces from Engineered Garments or any of the other brands they carry, just let me know. I will charge 10% of the item cost (minimum $10) and you will be responsible for actual shipping cost to your location. Insurance and method of shipment is up to you but I do have a 9-5 so USPS would be best. Contact me and we can work out the details. If there are things here in NYC that you need, I can see what I can do as well. Thanks.
Inquire about any luxury watch and I'll reply back with a quote that will probably be cheaper than what you can find it for. I'm located here in NYC but not willing to do local meet ups since I do have a 9-5 but I'll decide on a case by case basis. Thanks!
I am not a fan. I think there might be some love for it on Solecollector.com...
Anyone have a ma1 or a2 in large that want to sell? Let me know.
^ this. if you care about it, hang dry always. dry clean if u $$
^ yes. its cotton so it will stretch. i've always worn them around the house for a few hours a day for about a week before it stretched enough to wear out in public.
Nice write up
Normally I wouldn't post a comment like this but after the 3rd compliment in the same day... I have to. Kick-ass blue oxford. If you haven't purchased it because you think it's just another blue oxford... color/hue/tone/saturation (whatever the terms may be), is vital. Don't sleep.
Great writeup Nick. Enjoyed it very much.
^ Look at Wolf Vs Goat. They have their own thread here on SF. I would say that in terms of quality/fit/price, his is hard to beat IMO.
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