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Love me some instagram.
Mauro, you alive man? How was the tradeshow?
Looking forward to picking up a few pieces. Great post Fok.
What size do you wear in Nikes? Chucks?
Gitman Brothers Vintage. Stripe Linen Chambray. Linen and stripes meet in a winning combination of two of our favorite springtime details. Slubby linen fabric is woven into a faded blue and brown stripe for a great, understated look. Whether you prefer your linen crinkled and worn or ironed and crisp, there's really no wrong way to wear a shirt this nice. Classic Gitman details include single needle tailoring, button-down collar, single breast pocket on the left, locker...
^ Washed mine once and any shrinkage was negligible. I hung dry though...
You can find them Need Supply I believe. I have a pair of Chup and a few pairs of Anonymous Ism and they are great, especially in the winter.
Copped the Yuketen Moc. Fantastic deal.
^nice. I would've bought that for sure.
damn, the hunting jacket in indigo still available in the fire sale???
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