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@disko, I would go with medium for body length. I'm 6'1" 195lbs and wear a large in that jacket with a little room for layering. A small would be too short on you I think.
Thinking about ordering something from Japan for the first time... If it's on Rakuten and they ship international, is there any benefit of using Zen or are they solely used for purchasing goods not on Rakuten?
^Thanks for the advice kind sir.
How have the merinos been holding up? Are you normally an XL for the brand?
I'm guessing size 52 bomber in charcoal and brick are all long gone? Smh
Eyeing the charcoal bomber size 50. Im 6'1", 195lbs, 43 inch chest. Will be cutting 5lbs in the next few weeks. The measurements for this size gives me hope that it will fit but want to get some advice from the experts...
Anyone know if grey suede is available for next weeks cutoff batch?
That's a good looking jacket right there.
^I would still soak even though it's probably sanforized.
Do Qasa Hi TTS? What size would you guys recommend if I normally wear 11 in Nike?
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