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I for one eagerly await the day that mustard yellow jeans come back into fashion.
The color probably won't fade out in an appreciable way. I think that fit ought to come before color, and even then, the nature of deals is that they tend to resurface from time to time. If you're patient, you could probably compromise less.
Hey, Armchair Necromancer: Quit it.
When I can't hem my pants myself or get someone I know to them them for me for free, I usually spend 10 dollars on a hem job. Also, it should be noted: The hemming is done in Queens. I think anything from that to 20 or so is reasonable.
Put some athletic/medical tape over the nail when you wear these shoes sockless. Either that, or as per patrickBOOTH's suggestion, no show socks.
Those are on the lower end of 'okay'. I think that you'll find the quality is severely lacking. For the sake of economy, these are probably right up your alley: Clarks Desert Boots in 'beeswax':
Mircea Eliade had drape before our species even knew what drape was. It was practically an archetype for him.
A talking crystal skull. It instilled in me the sartorial wisdom of the centuries; once it bit the hand that fed it (namely, mine) that was it for me, I was done for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Schwazer Is there a politician who dresses well? lol...
Of course it is.
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